Low power consumption, homebuilt, NVR for 4 Wyze cams?

So I set up RTSP on my wyzecams with the beta branch firmware… and attempted streaming them to my Raspberry Pi 3+. Seems that the Raspberry Pi 3+ lacks the power to receive these RTSP streams at the camera’s native framerates. I’m getting REPORTED FPS of about 7fps… but in actuality, it looks more like 1FPS… and not consistent either. Also, the feeds seem to get disconnected after a while… requiring me to reboot the Raspberry Pi 3+.

What is a recommended in terms of specs for a low power consumption PC , NUC, or System-on-Chip or other boxes, that I can run 24/7… to handle 4 RTSP streams of 1080p 30FPS from Wyze cams?

I know I can probably just build a spare computer, load linux on it, and just run motioneyeOS or some other NVR software… but that would consume way more power than I really want to. I want this solution to be as close to raspberry pi 3+ levels of power consumption… or rather at least in the neighborhood of it.

I honestly have no idea how much CPU, Ram, GPU, etc is needed to receive and record these streams.

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Hi @JFox762 The Wyze Cams are 1920x 1080P @ 15 FPS, You will see it fluctuate between 7 to 15 while live streaming, have you tried lowering the resolution?

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I was able to lower the FPS to 15FPS… which is inline with native. Problem is, I’m still getting plenty of dropped frames… and terrible performance. Also, it seems the camera feed still keep freezing.


I may try to set mine up as an experiment like yours and see what I can come up with tinkering,

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