Loving the Outdoor So Far

SO far it is so good!
Loooong battery life in the temps above 100 F.
Great signal, I have one over 100 feet away from the base station in a metal and block barn. The signal strength is still good at that distance.
The second unit has been up to 65 feet away from the base beaming through stucco and wire mesh.
Once the latest update came out my notifications started to work properly.
Still have not tried using it as a stand alone car watching cam or game cam though.
The direct connect to the phone had decent range on the one test I tried, want to try a more rigorous test of that feature.
I am happy so far team!

Edit - Forgot to mention, my neighbor is now a Wyze owner after seeing how well all of mine have been working. He also appreciated when I watched his front drive with my Outdoor while he waited for payday to go get his first V2.