Loud static noise on Wyze Cam V3

You’d think they could fix this since the audio on v2 cams was better than audio on v3s.

Yes heyheyct, you wonder if this has something to do with where th mic is and if there was an error in assembly or to get it IP rated some sort of membrane is covering the mic.
Maybe someone wlll be brave and take theirs apart to see if it is something users could fix .

If it not obstructed. ,maybe wyze could adjust the EQ to help.

Update: As I posted earlier, my Wyze V3 mic was awfully loud so much so that I muted it. Fast forward a few days and lots of trial and error. I uninstalled an EQ app that had never caused me any trouble…until now, as it turned out. Once I uninstalled the EQ app, the noise disappeared (Slight static noise if you listen carefully). I have a Samsung S10+ (Android OS). I’m not too sure this will help anyone but it needed to be shared. Good luck!

What is an EQ app? I doubt that is the problem since I have an iPhone and no EQ app that I know of. And everyone seems to be having problems… but maybe if I knew what an EQ app was I could check to see if I had one LOL

Apologies for not being more clear. EQ would stand for an equalizer. I understand your comment as I too had a serious issue with white noise coming from the mic of my Wyze V.3.

I’m not an audiophile so I don’t know the tech behind equalizers or how it might interfere with the operation of Wyze V.3 cam. Most if not all android smartphones have a system-wide equalizer that might be interfering with the cam, but I don’t know that for sure. I see it this way, I can send back the cam and get a free replacement that will suffer the exact same issue, return it and buy a much more expensive brand until Wyze updates their firmware (If it’s firmware fixable) or troubleshoot the issue.

OMG. I’m so sorry I did not see this before I bought the v3 a couple of months ago. I had watched a YouTube video purporting to demonstrate how much better the v3 is vs the original Wyze cam. But the v3 has constant static and the voice recordings are all distorted - cannot make our any intelligible speech. Very disappointing.

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Yup…and mine are from last December I believe. So it looks like the recent ones also have this issue. I want to buy more, but until they fix this issue I am not spending another dime.


Same here. First installation, most disappointing to see this issue has been reported so many times, yet no apparent fix.

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I’ve moved on to Amcrest camera which also has Starlight Sensor… never looked back!
Gave up on Wyze for this reason.

Im having this same issue with my v3 with the static background noise being so bad you can hear a thing people are saying. Why arent they addressing this issue by now with all the people tqlking about it…I understand its a small camera for a small price but the quality of the camera lens is pretty awesome wish they could do something with at least trying a new firmware version. Im not totally sure what it could be but im really starting to think it has something to do with the wifi channel thqt most of us use and some like me cant login to our wifis router and change to a different channel to see if it makes a difference. And of course this camera dont even let you use it on a 5g signal channel either…

It is interesting how the company is not even addressing this or acknowledging the audio pick up on the v3 is defective.

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Yes, I am having this same problem when using my new galaxy s22. It works fine on my old phone but this new phone when I try to talk into the camera it is just loud static.

Its just a noise generator. It will help you to get to sleep lol :smiley:

Listen to the refreshing sounds of static.

I have the static when i talk though it

I ended having to get the newer camera version.

I have a OnePlus 7 pro and with the newer versions of the v3 camera I am able to be heard clearly on the other end when speaking to a person on the other side from the app to the speaker in the cam itself. On recordings it has also improved on the sound quality but occasionally they will pick up ambient background noise and you may have to play with the sound detection settings for each cam. The older ones are garbled and have this strange buzz almost like you are picking up and out of phase cb transmission on them and you can’t hear anything clearly with them…for the price I paid at the time for them which was not far forward from the launch of them,which was I think 19.99 at that time I cannot and will not complain when it’s paid for itself infinite times over to me jn convenience and piece of mind and the safety of my family when I’m not home. All total I have seven v3 cams which four of them are the old ones and one outdoor v1 cam. I will continue to support wyze due to keeping cams affordable and easy to setup for the blue collar man that doesn’t sweat the small stuff. To me anyway…my personal opinion but try to find equivalent cams and this level of service and dedication to rightimg problems in this horrible economy and shortages of parts ,supplies and labor and I’m happy they haven’t had to close their doors . So I’ll say thanks to them.

I turned Dolby settings off and static/clicking sound is almost gone.

This is the tell-tale sign of a company that doesn’t care that their users are having trouble with their devices and have resorted to communicating with one another due to the fact the company doesn’t respond or attempt to assist the group at all or acknowledge the problem whatsoever. Customers are here wasting their time trying to work around issues that are over a year old now and still NOT ADVERTISED or with warnings for new customers that this hardware is DEFECTIVE. Instead they continue to sell and manufacture defective units without warning and stealing peoples money rather than recalling the devices like a reputable company. Greed seems to be WYZE’s priority here.

Yeah it’s really interesting how they continue to cash grab and manufacture defective units and pretend like this isn’t an issue. Audio is ESSENTIAL for security cameras and I bought mine solely for this reason. If they had updated their labels and advertising I could have made an informed decision. It’s like blatant greed and it’s unacceptable.

Yeah the update is they’ve basically decided to sell defective units for a year and grab the cash instead of recalling and/or updating the packaging to let customers know these devices are broken and the audio is unusable.

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