Loud static noise on Wyze Cam V3

Yep, same here. On both of my V3. I think they have a bug dealing with the two-way microphone/speaker setup. It is creating static noise in the camera and being picked up by the cam mic. If you hit the microphone button on your phone app the buzzing goes away. Am returning my items until they get a fix in.

I’m having the same problem. V3 Camera, picture quality is great, but sound is completely garbled. Even if I speak right into the camera you can’t understand anything I’m saying. It sounds like I’m under water.

One thing I noticed is that if I enable the mic to speak, the static noise goes down considerably. It remains good for a little while.

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Oh wow… I hadn’t noticed that… Mine does that too… if I enable the mic the static goes away…hmm… interesting.,

UPDATE… well, it doesn’t go away, it lowers the noise a bit, but yeah it comes back.

Yes…it doesnt go away but it temporarily lowers the noise so it is at least bearable.

right…but, it also blocks sound… I tried it and it won’t pick up any sound at all.

Interesting. That is different result from what im getting. I can hear and speak at the same time.

yeah I can’t figure it out. When I enable the mic and disable it, the static goes down significantly, but it also like mutes the sound altogether. They have had several firmware updates already since I got these v3s and so far it hasn’t been fixed and apparently there are a lot of users with the same problem.

Any word from Wyze on this? I want to get one, but, I’m not going to order it if there is a problem with the audio. I have several v2s. When viewing the live stream, you can hear background noise, but, I think it’s just because the mic is sensitive. But for some reason when playing back video from the SD Card, the static sound is much worse. It never did that previously. Whatever the problem is, I think it was from either an app update, or a firmware update. I think it’s the app.

Nothing… Several firmware updates and the audio in all my v3 cameras is pretty much useless with the annoying static, crackling noise. So, if you’re planning on relying/using the audio, I suggest buying a different brand.

I for sure wont be buying anymore until they fix this…but it seems it will be a while because to my knowledge Wyze hasn’t even addressed the issue.

Oh wait so this isn’t normal? I got mine in February and they all perform the same. I assumed the white noise was just poor quality microphone for what would be expected of a $20 camera.
I did find it odd that I have one inside and it hardly picks up the TV in that room I thought maybe the microphone was unidirectional or and you had to be
directly in front of it.

I thought maybe the white noise was due to it listening because it would record sound but not quality of my reolink cam.

Now I’m thinking that the poor audio is from these cams not working as they should. I’ve actually had four these. I bought three but one had to be replaced because the one side are lights were dimmer. Since the audio was the same on all of them I just assumed it was just bad quality due to price point.

Does anyone have problems with speaking through the camera. When I speak its loud static noises and you can’t hear what im saying and I have 8 new cameras?

This is what this forum is all about lol…static noise and unusable audio.

I am getting this too - my older cameras have much better sound quality. I have tried emailing support, but they just tell me to move it closer to the wifi - I have 4 cameras - they all suck. I’m really upset - I got this camera because it could do the longer recording times - I love the quality of the older cameras, but they don’t record for a long time.

would love to know if the exchange helped. Mine are awful!

I have ten Wyze Cam V3’s purchased in three separate lots over a period of two months. On all ten of them the recorded audio is completely unintelligible. It sounds like people are talking under water. I can’t make out a single word of what anyone is saying. I’ve tried everything and nothing has improved the situation. I wouldn’t waste any time doing exchanges. These cameras simply will not record high quality audio at this point. I don’t know if it can be fixed with software at some point but for now I consider theses cameras video only.

I have some five year old Arlo Pro cameras right next to my Wyze Cams and the audio is crystal clear. But those cameras cost almost $100 each and my Wyze Cams were purchased for $20 so I think this just comes down to getting what you paid for.