Loss of Communication/Network Connection Notification

Yes! That would be awesome. I have also requested and voted for that feature.
My reply was actually directed to @ryan.c.palmer, who was struggling with notifications in general.

+1 on this feature need, but want to encourage that this would apply to all the powered devices (e.g., smart plug).

creating a notification to pop up when the camera lose the connection to the app whether it’s because of the power loss or the wifi signal is weak

Is there a way to get a notification when the cam goes offline? The cam has been offline for three days and I just noticed it…

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I have an Ambient Weather temperature and humidity sensor. They have an option in their IFTTT service which will trigger when the sensor does not report in for more than 20 minutes. It is probably done on their server, so no software had to be written for the device itself.

Perhaps Wyze could duplicate this.

I realize that the sensor is meant to be online all the time, but most cameras are as well.

Mine will send a message via email and text if any of my 7 sensors does not report , but they don’t use IFTTT at all , to accomplish it

I would like to see this added. In the event power is lost of the camera loses power or connection for whatever reason. Having a Push Notification alert you to this would be helpful for monitoring.

Add notifications or power or connection loss notifications to Wyze program/app. Please and thank you!