Loss of Communication/Network Connection Notification

I had a situation where a structure with a camera lost power due to a breaker tripping. Is there a way to have the app notify me if this kind of situation occurs - where the camera goes offline/non-responsive? Something with a timed-value - say after 15-minutes of no response, send a notification?

What phone are you using?

Did you try checking the Notification Settings on your phone’s settings or in the App Manager to see if notifications are disabled for the Wyze app by your phone’s OS?

It would be great to get an alert when one of your devices goes offline. It has happened to me several times where a kid would pull the plug on a cam, or motion sensor would mysteriously not be connected for extended periods of time.

I don’t constantly check the app and usually rely on alerts, so if something was disconnected I might go days without noticing…