Loss of Communication/Network Connection Notification

I had a situation where a structure with a camera lost power due to a breaker tripping. Is there a way to have the app notify me if this kind of situation occurs - where the camera goes offline/non-responsive? Something with a timed-value - say after 15-minutes of no response, send a notification?

What phone are you using?

Did you try checking the Notification Settings on your phone’s settings or in the App Manager to see if notifications are disabled for the Wyze app by your phone’s OS?

It would be great to get an alert when one of your devices goes offline. It has happened to me several times where a kid would pull the plug on a cam, or motion sensor would mysteriously not be connected for extended periods of time.

I don’t constantly check the app and usually rely on alerts, so if something was disconnected I might go days without noticing…


Someone stole my cam… More than 14 days ago. There are zero ways for me to recover the footage, totally defeating purpose of the cam.

Having an alert in place would be awesome.

Would anyone on your team be willing to write an ITTT recipe for an alert if there is a loss of communication/network connection?

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Wyzecam should time stamp power outages and reboot. This is why:
I have a property manager for a vacation rental that doesn’t like the Wyzecam setup on our “owners bedroom”. This room is not allowed access to anyone since it contains our personal belongings, and is only for private use. Therefore, we installed a camera to ensure our privacy.
As a “get-around”, I’ve discovered that the property manager turns off power to the house to access our room as a way to avoid being caught on camera.
If the camera time stamped ‘power on’ mode, and sent me that alert, it would have be helpful.
Thanks! I hope you use my suggestion.
PS: she has been fired.

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I have the bulbs only and the other day I came home to all my 8 wyze bulbs ON. There was either a power outage or network got disconencted. So when it was restored all the bulbs remained on. It’d be nice if we got a notification to let us know this so that I would check my app and turn them all off as they’re not needed all on during the day when no one is home.

Would like a way to track or know when a stolen camera is activated or location or both. Some of the cameras we have bought has been stolen and I would like to be able to find the people that has stolen themand get my cameras back.

This feature really needs to be move forward. On the camera front, they are security cameras. They don’t add much value if they are off-line. And yes I have a cam that just goes off line. Needs a hard reboot to get back on-line.

As others have called out as Wyze is moving into more than cameras, this is moving into more than a nice to have. As people are installing and expecting things like their sensors to keep their home safe, a notification MUST be sent if something is off-line.

Just got my Wyze plug. Yet another use case for why the app must notify if a device is off line. Imagine being away on vacation, having something pop a circuit, and being able to know cause your plug went off line. Huge value added feature.


This appears to have an easy solution. Some piece of the app runs on your phone in the background, and, routinely checks for a camera DOWN condition, via some “try catch throw finally” piece of code, which can then send you a text msg or an email.

Let’s get this feature going Wyze. It seems like a basic feature to have.


agree, it’s not a difficult item to add. They probably delay this because they woudl need a periodic connection to the camera for them to achieve this (ping). Currently, the setup is that they only access the camera if we access it or when there is video event being sent to their server. With this setup, they would need a connection on a periodic basis for it to work which might have some privacy issue. Anyway, you could make it an option on the device for people who wish to have this ping or not to make it happen. It’s a simple function.

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There are also people who try to use the camera without an internet connection, so if they were to do an alert like this it should be something you can turn on and off. Otherwise people using it without a connection will get endless alerts

Haven’t had a chance to read through the entire post history, but I would really love the option to receive a notification when my camera turns on/off. While security is pretty tight on these things, nothing is 100% secure, and this would be a nice compromise to ensure that if someone did turn on my camera while I was home (be it my wife or someone more sinister), I could know right away instead of hours later when I decided to check the app.

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Thanks so much, @DreadPirateRush! Much obliged :grin:


Does anyone know if the Wyze App can be setup to send a notification if a Wyze Plug is offline?
I have other smart plugs which remain off after a short power outage, and I don’t even know my Wyze Cams are not working until I happen to check the app manually while on the road. An alert would tell me I need to login and restart a device manually.
Thank you!


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I have installed the camera in front of my cupboard with sense. It will start recording if the door opens.

However, while doing a trial run, i realized it could be turned off also. Its indeed a big camera and not hidden .

I was wondering could i get a notification if my device goes offline or turned off?


I’m using my Wyze to monitor my hydroponic cacao plant tent. If I lose power (like I did today), there’s a risk I could lose my plants. I’d love to get a push notification for this!

My phone’s notification setting is correct. I do get notified by the app for events, etc. The feature we’re looking for does not exist. Getting notified when the camera goes offline (and back online) is a straight forward feature that should not be difficult for Wyze to add. And unlike some of the other wish list items, it would help everyone.

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