Loss of Communication/Network Connection Notification

Wyze Doorbell: Notification when No Power

When the power is disconnected from Wyze Doorbell (when unplugged or for blackout, etc.), it would be good to get a notification.

Reasons this would be beneficial:
-It would be good to know if your house loses power (electrical storm, power failure, etc.)
-It would be good to know if your tenants pull out the plug.

Is there anyway you could add a notification that lets you know if the camera was turned off or lost power. I think a lot of people would like it and it would be very helpful in my situation. Thanks

That is something that has been much requested and likely in the wishlist - but depending on the type of router you have - it may have capability? I have a TP-Link Deco Mesh and I have set notifications when certain cameras go offline. It is helpful but I lose connection more than I wish.

But would that let you know if you are connected to the internet, but not the cloud? Even before this last outage, I had gotten disconnected from the cloud, but could still view the live video and only noticed it was not on the cloud because I went to view a different camera feed.

This lets me know only that the device is disconnected from the internet - and that is necessary to communicate with the cloud. But not vice versa which is what you are wanting? Now of course there are times when my Internet appears fine but I will have errors with cloud upload. No alert for that… (My backup system of a POE system and an NVR is my failsafe.)

I think this really needs to be addressed. My home was left unprotected this past week because the Home Monitoring was offline. I never got a notification, phone call or email. This is should be a priority feature.

How can I trust my home to this service if it’s not even working?

I agree, this needs to be a basic feature. If a registered device becomes unresponsive to the cloud (that we’re paying for) a notification should be able to be sent. This shouldn’t be on us to ensure we’re proficient with IP verify to get 3rd part alerts when everything(wyze device / wyze cloud) is in place. Hopefully Wyze gets this implemented ASAP.

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Well this thread was started in December of 2018, so I do not think it is on there plan any time soon. I am not sure if you have the Home monitoring service has this, but that could be another selling point of that.

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Notification of power outage or connectivity issues

I would like to receive a notification when one of my Wyze devices (camera, doorbell, plug, hub, etc) has lost power and/or has not been able to upload data. This has happened to me often enough that I’d like to know when it happens so I can do something about it.

Wether power outage, loss of network or just went offline on its own. Not only cameras but also other smart devices, sensors, gateway etc. This could be an important sign that your systems might have been compromised.

hello, I find your camera worthless if it isn’t able to notify if it’s been disconnected from the cloud or power. I have Cam v3 and wyze plus - and several times the camera has become disconnected and I did not know. this is basic stuff that people have been asking for since 2018. I see no comments from the company, and it appears they don’t really care what we ask for.