Loss of Communication/Network Connection Notification

The interference is an interesting theory. The camera with the bridge is sitting on top of my refrigerator near a stereo (that’s been off when the bridge has gone offline). The refrigerator compressor is in the bottom of the refrigerator so I’m a little skeptical that it’s EM signal would knock all my sensors offline only to go back online when I power cycled the Wyze camera.

The distance problem would make sense if one or two of my sensors went offline. However, in this case, all four of my sensors go offline together even though one is sitting right next to the camera, the others about 12, 20 and 30 feet away. It would be strange (but possible) for them all having battery problems at the same time and for the battery problems to go away when I rebooted the camera.

And so how exactly are you doing this?

You should have read the post above mine , you would see , I’m not talking about wyze products I’m talking about my AcuRite temperature/humidity sensors.
Maybe we will be able to do that with wyze products someday

Ok my bad.

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The V2 camera needs to reconnect to wifi always. Currently on some occasions the camera cannot reconnect and defeats the purpose of having it.

There are also many reviewers in Amazon mentioning the same issue.

This is something that should be dealt with via a

Support Request

I would really like to see a push notification that communication was lost with the Wyze Cam. If you are monitoring an area such as a puppy pen or motorhome, it could be crucial to know that suddenly that camera(s) are no longer connected!

Yep, a must have, voted. :+1:

Any chance of getting notifications when a senor goes offline for some reason?

Here’s how I solved the push notification issue

More tips about general connectivity problems here.

I’m not sure if it’s related to the newest ios app version, but ever since the app updated, my cameras seem to be going offline a lot. However, the Wyze app will still show my cameras that are all grouped as “on”. It’s only when I click on the camera group will I see that all my cameras are “offline”. We need a notification if these things go offline!

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I work on another IOT platform of stuff from both cloud and IOT device side, offline notifications (with an offline threshold that is long like 5-10 minutes) or programmable time frame by the user. It is key for any self managed solution. Its one thing to self manage a set of IOT devices, but you can’t self manage by being in the app all the time, so the platform needs to notify users on self managed exceptions.

This needs to be across all devices, not just cameras.

A feature common across many, if not all, self service IoT platforms is notifications when things are offline. Offline can be battery dead, WiFi dead, out of range, or really anything. This is to provide the user a notification when this occurs so that the user can then go investigate further:

  1. MVP - Notification for all devices when offline that can be toggled on/off. Offline would be 5 minutes of no communication (or whatever minimum threshold for heartbeat/status update)
  2. Next phase allows the user to select the time period of offline for the notification (default 5 minutes, allow the user to program longer.

Without this, the user has to be constantly in the app to determine if everything is online or not in a truly self service management mode.

A heartbeat monitor from Wyze-> IFTTT is needed , & interested Wyze users could be provided with a mailing list so we are notified when the link is not working. As things are Wyze users are left wondering if it is a problem with their setup or the result of a api token reset (e.g. following the data leak)

Has anyone thought about setting up a notification when the camera or bulbs has no power? Or does this exist in an upgraded version?

There are quite a few other camera manufactures that do this, not sure why Wyze hasn’t implemented this yet

It defeats the entire purpose of this product if my wifi is down or there is a power outage, and I have no idea my Wyze cam is offline. Could the app “ping” the camera at set intervals to check it’s still connected to power/internet, and alert my phone if it isn’t? Thanks

Depending on what types of router or other smart devices you have you can use ifttt to tell you when they go offline. I have one set up on a particle.io device but I am sure other devices have the same types of events

Sometimes the usb is removed, [MOD EDIT] kids… I’d love an alert for a removed camera

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We’re using the Cam Pan as a baby monitor and would like an audible alarm when the app either loses connection to the camera or the image freezes (image stream drops to 0 KB/s). We know these issues are likely caused by our WiFi network but it would be good to be woken up when this happens with an audible alarm and have the option to enable or disable this alarm in the app. To be clear this would only alarm in the app and not on the camera. We don’t want to wake up the baby.

Thanks for your consideration.