Loss of Communication/Network Connection Notification



A feature I would like to see is to get an alert notification if my camera is disconnected/switched offline outside of manual activation in the app. This would help in cases folks could be alerted to power outages or at least get a heads up if someone/something potentially unplugged the camera.

Feature request: alert for camera disconnection
Suggestion : Alert when cam offline
Feature request: alert for camera disconnection
Is there a way to receive a notification if a camera loses power?
Push Notifications when Camera goes Offline/Online

Would be nice to have push notifications when a camera goes offline or back online.


Hypothetically, an intruder sees the camera outside and cuts the cord or throws an object at your camera. A second later your camera goes offline but Wyze app doesn’t even warn you. Is it feasible to implement a feature where Wyze app will sent a notification to a user when connection has been lost?


I like this idea, let’s say your out of town and you internet goes out you will be alerted that the camera is offline very useful.


I would consider this feature as high priority. An intruder can pull the cord out for 30 minutes, rob you, then plug it back in and you won’t even know :clap:
At least send a notification when the camera is back online. It will raise a flag to a user that something was triggered.


Agreed, this needs more votes since it is something that everyone can benefit from in the end.


I had this feature on my izon cameras: When they disconnected I got an alert. I sure wish Wyze cams did this so that we knew when we were unmonitored and could do something about it.


This is one of the only features I miss from my Nest camera. That and the opportunity to see events in the timeline of your playback.


am not sure how Nest does this ( Nest server pings each camera periodically?) but a simple way this could be done just using the app ( no server side code chgs needed) is for the app to check if the last event happened more than 90 ( user configurable) minutes ago, assume camera is disconnected & alert phone owner.


When wyze cameras lose their power supply they do not record or give notifications. The user simply won’t get any recordings or notifications for the duration the power is out. This is a critical security flaw and weak point that could be exploited.

I would like to see a feature where we are notified when a camera loses or regains its power supply. This would let a user know if a certain amount of time was left without surveillance.


Be careful what you ask for. You might get it.

My AmbientWeather sensor has the ability to send a notification when it loses connection for 20 minutes.

It went off constantly. I had to disable that notification.


Fair enough. But in a quasi-security application having a heads up of my cam unexpectedly offline is not insignificant. I also have a weather station that gives me notifications if offline after 30mins. It’s positioned remotely at a vacation property to monitor crawlspace temperatures. The impact of a loss of weather station signal is a little different than someone disconnecting my camera (intentional or not). If I am not getting legitimate notifications or am losing signal that often that would be an indication to me of something else (poor signal, poor wifi, poor electric power?) rather than a product shortcoming. But that’s just my specific need so YMMV.