Loss of Communication/Network Connection Notification & Log



It would be great if the wyze app could alert me if any of my cams got disconnected from the net.


While votes are a good way to know sentiment of what consumers want or are willing to pay for (RTSP is a good example), it would be a mistake if development is based solely on popularity. (i.e. things that get the most votes)

I assert that generally, consumers often don’t know, (or even spend too much time thinking about) what is very useful to them until they see it. This is why inventions are inventions. It means some brilliant mind has conceived something greater than average. How many users are even aware of this type of notification request thread to vote? I for one am happy to vote for it, but only recently accidentally came across the thread.

This loss of connection notification and also auto reboot of the camera if it is alive and monitoring itself, seem like low hanging fruit to set this already amazing cam apart. SMH.


Does anyone know of other ways to detect network device unavailability ? IFTTT maybe. <== Next thing for me to research…

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Do a Google search for network pinger.

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A push notification would be very helpful when a camera loses power or connection to the WiFi network. I’ve had people unplug the cameras and I was not aware of it until I checked the app.


Aside from the fact that cameras go offline fairly often, which is a bigger underlying issue, it would be nice to have an alert when a camera does go offline in the first place.
I recently found one of my cameras was offline for 2+ days without ever knowing it.

In some case, it’s a camera issue, in other cases it’s a local issue (power issue, wifi issue…etc). In any case, it should be easy enough to have all devices pinged periodically and send an alert via the app when they are detected to be offline/non-responsive.


It would be very helpful if the Wyze App could send an alert notification when the camera goes offline. I have WiFi based water-leak & temperature sensor from Honeywell that sends me alerts (notifications and/or emails) if the sensor ever goes offline. Is also sense me a notice when/if the sensor comes back online. This is a very important feature, especially for something as important as a water leak detector. For those of us that rely on the WyzeCam for some level of security, it would be very helpful to know if the camera is offline. You could provide a switch to enable/disable the notification feature, and perhaps even select-able lengths of time before the alert is sent. BTW, I believe this feature has been requested in another forum, but I have not seen it formally requested here in the Wishlist forum.

Check out Honeywell water-leak detector to see how this works. Wyze may also want to add a leak detector of their own some day. Here’s a link


It would also be helpful to get an alert if the camera just quits working. I might go for days without checking the cameras only to find out when something happens that one or more of the cameras may have quit working days ago. For example I have one plugged into an outlet that is ground fault protected. If there is a little moisture, the circuit trips and the camera is no longer getting power. I don’t know this has happened until I want to observe some sort of action, then I find out the camera has been disconnected for a few days.


Agreed this should be a simple feature to add and it’s also a very basic, best practice for any smart device these days. We really need to be able to custom configure notifications based on needs/preferences, especially for loss of connection or failure.

Wyze, please give us an update here. I’ve had cameras drop and have gone a week before I discovered disconnection bc there’s no notification.


We installed Wyze cams to watch my 88 yr old grandmother. It’s a relief to be able to see where in the house she is when no one can reach her. She loves speaking over the camera as well.
However… we have a family member who moved them self in for their own self interests. This family member causes so many problems I can write a novel.

This brings me to the problem, They will unplug, pull down, or steal the cameras all together. No one will know until they go to access the cam. Most times the event won’t be recorded. Or if it was they would have the chip. Since the cameras are recording all the time- it would be nice, if possible, to send a disconnect/power loss notification and a capture of the last 30-120 sec (could be an settable option).

I can see the issue that needs to be over came to achieve this. Without cloud/internet back up, say if you are insecure about security. Perhaps a hub with battery back up? Or a new version of cam with a emergency battery for that capture. This is assuming power has to be established to send the footage. Both could be profitable ideas. The hub could be a tablet type or static unit, either will allow for further upgrades, enhancements, or options.

I joined the forums to suggest this very same idea, I’m happy to see it has so many votes.


As you all can see, this discussion is on the “Wishlist maybe-later” part of the forum. I don’t know that Wyze resources are even seeing this, let alone all the other people who might want to vote for it knowing that its here.

The Wyze app already immediately shows when a camera goes offline. The Wyze App already sends event notifications. Why in the world a software change to the App couldn’t make an offline state also an event and send notification via the existing methods is just nuts to me.

Just this morning 3 of my 5 cams went offline due to AC brown-out (bad weather) and could not come back online without a hard reset. Its only because I checked that I knew 3 of the 5 were offline. Come on Wyze, - this is nuts.


This online cloud service (UptimeRobot) - seems to work pretty well to monitor for disconnects and send notification when WyzeCam’s RTSP is enabled. However you also have to be able to forward ports in your router. and be ok with your camera address being stored on some cloud server :cold_sweat:

I recently had a camera stolen, if I would have known it was offline I would have been able to get the Events before they reset the camera, whom ever was pretty smart to rest the camera right away before I realized it was offline.

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My router is connected to IFTTT. When my phone disconnects from the router, it triggers an Applet that turns on motion detection on my cameras.

You could do something similar, so when the camera disconnects from the router, you get an email or a rich text notification on your phone.

The example is good, however it doesn’t fit what I was trying to do, over the weekend my camera went offline and during that time someone happen to steal it from its location. What are the chances…it was connected to a hotspot Mifi device on a 20,000mAh power bank. I was using it for a business purpose so there would be no way to know if its online or offline…maybe I can’t think of any way ifttt would work for it.

Are you saying that your router has an IFTTT “IF” feature, so that certain events on your router (eg. a specific device goes offline) can be used as a trigger of an IFTTT applet? If so, what brand/model of router is it?


TP Link AC2300 Smart WiFi Router

But if you have an Android phone, you can do something similar. The trigger would be Android Device, Disconnects from a specific WiFi network.

It would be great to have a notification when a camera goes offline. This could mean that it lost power. Which could mean the power is out at the shop. I could then go check on it, start a generator or whatever. It would be very helpful during storns so i don’t have to go into the app and check the camera over and over.

So the mobile app could just “ping” the camera and if it fails (offline) then send me a notification.



Please add push notification for power loss/unplug events. Teenagers will unplug these cameras to get away with dastardly deeds.