Losing Feeds and connectivity way too often



I am losing live feeds and entire connections several times per day on majority of cams (some worse than others - I don’t know why); I tried to submit this as a ticket, but I am not even sure it has passed through, so here I post:


I am losing my patience for this home camera solution. I was all about their low cost, cloud approach to home security, but it is becoming a huge PIMASS. There has been 2 camera failures in the past 3 months, one in the imaging sensor and one power delivery problem. Both were replaced for free, which was cool, but they really shouldn;t have failed in the first place…


I have 5 v2’s online now and have tried the following and many combinations therein to improve condition to no real stable avail: spread out over 2 subnets, 2 SSIDs over 2 routers on different open 2.4 channels (wide and narrow), dedicated static IPs, QoS handlers on their IPs. QoS handlers on TinyCam server. have tried using TinyCAM 3rd party (this situation is even worse) web server to view in a diff platform. Tried low-power settings, background, turning off all notifications and motion detection. Software, hardware, hardware+ h264 decoders…

I have tried Wyze app on BlueStacks Android Emulator on a powerful gaming desktop which is hardwired to modem through CAT7 cabling! With and without bridges, tunnels, Access Points, VPNs, Proxy servers, ports on/off mind you nothing is helping maintain connection. I have called in to Wyze technical help on 3 occassions. I have tried with or without microsd cards, which i don’t know why it would matter.

More? OK. I have Changed distance from router. Distance from the cameras themselves (both stacked on each other and far away and points in between just in case these dudes piggy-back data off each other like zigbee) soft and hard reset cameras and re link to home network several occasions. hooked up to a smart plug to have 12 hour auto power cycles. Upgraded usb wire quality. upgraded usb charger to 2.0A from stock 1.0A. I have signed up to be beta tester to try to use novel firmware which hopefully will help? I even upgraded modem and router firmware to dd-wrt from netgear stock which was a huge learning curve in itself. no better…


I have a very very old DLink DCs3220 with like 0.5MP garbage antiquated camera, and it performs way better on net connection right next to the V2s in TinyCam Pro. What else possible is there to do to get a good quality STABLE signal?? I really don’t want to reflash firmware to OpenIPC or do the XiaoFang Hack, but I am at a complete loss here. Its too unstable to have any real measurable use and enjoyment out of.



Please help me this is suck right now.



I feel your pain. These Wyzecam v2 cameras… suck.

We are cheap idiots who naively purchased these notoriously wonky Wyzecam cameras with the unreasonable expectation of getting a reliable security device for our Jackson. Inevitably we must parse these forums in a futile, time-consuming attempt to devine a solution to whatever vexes our dumb purchase. The list of problems is chronic, and seemingly, endemic. Shocker, given that Wyze Labs is VC funded–and all that implies.

The cursory response from the would-be apologists (aka. “helpful folk”) who feel compelled to chime in within these forums is “reboot”, “reset”, “unplug”, “reconfigure”–all bogus responses. Aside from the fact that these t’shooting steps are typically the first things a reasonably intelligent person does prior to posting (and therefore pointless responses), why do these people respond at all?

Let a Wyze Labs developer respond to our complaints of problems with “reboot”, “reset”, “unplug”, “reconfigure”…


Still no reply from Wyze Labs… Or any superuser for that matter who was figured out the secret for these cams…

@lothian.mcadam I understand that this company is venture capitalist driven, however, everyone in my circles asks me for these kinds of home security/smart home etc recommendations. At this point I would have to rescind any and all recommendations for this company unless just “for funsies”.

IFF we receive a constructive response from the devs, or have these cams’ backend or firmware updated: I don’t see these cams any more than a toy, not a serious home security solution…

Furthermore, I do not want to hear that my routers are to blame and are bogged out or interference from neighbors… blah blah thats not the problem.

<h1>@WYZE What can be done in the interim, and in the future to stabilize this system?</h1>


IFTTT isn’t happy either!



Sorry to hear about the frustrating experience you’ve both had. 2 hardware failures out of 5 cameras is high, but however unlikely it can happen with any hardware. At least the warranty replaced them free of charge.


It sounds like you’ve gone way above and beyond in your troubleshooting, but if you could clarify 1 point I would like to see there are any ways we can narrow the scope of the issue: When you lose the live feeds, is the camera actually disconnecting from the wireless (i.e. can you watch the client connections on your router to see if the camera is still connected)?

If the dropouts are caused by the camera actually disconnecting from the wireless network that rules out your network and internet connection entirely and you can focus on the wireless router/AP and the cameras. If it stays connected but you lose connectivity within the app it moves into the realm of network/internet routing.