Loose WYZE cam V2 base - swivel

Indeed, very true!

I don’t have any issues with the stand. The camera itself is very light in weight. A bump of the cord easily misdirects the camera.

I would like to see a 90-degree USB on the rear of the camera. With the cord stuck straight out, the cam needs more space behind the curtain. Often times, the cable pushes through the blinds.


I have to V2’s of which one has a loose base swivel as you described. It seems to have been a limited manufacturing issue since my newer V2 has a much more solid swivel. A simple solution is to stick a bit of white tape over a section of the swivel an camera to anchor to hold it. It’s less than ideal but works. Still, it would be great if @WyzeGwendolyn can communicate this issue to the team.

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Sorry to hear this! This was likely a manufacturing problem and not a very widespread issue. However, if you are running into this, please take a video demonstrating this problem and send it to the support team through this link. This is a replacement case and we would love to take care of it for you.

Support Request Form

5 out of 6 cameras in my recent order had the issue and yes I would say it’s a manufacturing problem due to the way the plastic pieces were molded.

With a some reverse engineering and a little silicone I was able to ‘fix’ the issue so I don’t need replacements at this time but thanks for the offer.

I have a ticket open and can send a video if the support team needs it for reference.

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Thank you for letting me know! I’m sorry you had to seek out a solution for this but glad that it’s no longer a problem for you. :slight_smile:

FYI, 2 pack of Cam v2 received 27-Mar-20 - 1 with very loose base. So either still a production issue or old stock (firmware v3.9.4.175) at Amazon.

Thanks for the info Bo3b. Sorry to hear it’s still an issue. Maybe someone at WYZE could pull some new production cameras and see if the issue still exists. ?? Or send me a sample of 20 new cameras and I’ll test. :wink:

I think this issue is getting fixed in the next firmware update.

Yea, and I’m hoping the firmware update increases the magnet’s strength, something like a neodymium.

Sorry to hear that! Have you reached out to customer support for a replacement?

Wyze Customer Support


The loose Cam V2 base is annoying and disappointing problem but not sure worth the hassle of an exchange.

That was my thought too. Plus what if you do an exchange and get another one with a loose base?

So, what I’m reading is folks are accepting sub-standard fitment. So if you buy a car and the door rattles cause it’s loose, that’s fine? I already know the response, “well, it’s only a $25 camera, not a $12500 car” : )

And when you want to mount the camera in a particular position, but it won’t stay in position, because of a loose base (6 months later) …

EDIT: I guess there’s some consolation, since the “Wyze cam” is NOT a Wyze invention, but a licensed hardware product.

Actually viable solutions are also discussed on the forum as well. But to your point, I got the great pleasure to ride in a high end Rolls Royce for a week in England. The fit on that vehicle makes a high end American or Japanese car look like a toy. Rolls Royce cars of that era were entirely hand assembled. The glove box closure was better than a Fords car door. Fit and Finish vary greatly in ANY product line. It’s one of the things we as a society have decided has value.

So yes, most thinking folks would expect the fit and finish on a $25 dollar device to not be the same as a $250 dollar device. It’s not a matter of acceptance it’s a matter of the reality of “you get what you pay for”. With Wyze we, I believe, get an acceptable product with considerable value (bang for the buck) behind it.

Yea, I can see removing the base and using a piece of cut plastic from a milk jug to fix the issue.

However, I purchased the cams from Home Depot, so if there’s an issue, I’d simply drive back and exchange. And they’ll let me open the box to check the new cam before purchase/exchange : )

Yep, that’s one solution. There are others. And if Home Depot will accommodate you by all means take advantage. Just remember that plastic to plastic fit is affected by temperature, air pressure, and humidity. So your mileage may vary.

Agreed. Exactly why I just opted to ‘fix’ mine as opposed to going the return route.

Feedback should still be important to Wyze which is why I brought it up.


We appreciate the feedback and I’ve shared it with the team. :slight_smile:

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