Looking for product recommendation(s)

First post, so be gentle… :joy:

I am looking for recommendations on what product or products to get to get a unified home security setup. Short version is that I am wanting at least 3 cameras because my property is kind of spread out:

  • One camera at the front gate (there is electricity, but it would have to get a wireless connection)
  • One camera outside on my workshop (has electricity and Cat6 available)
  • One camera basically where a doorbell would be (a “ring type” - also has electricity & Cat6 wiring)

All should have fairly high quality resolution (if you can’t make out a license plate, the image it pretty useless). Day or night. Here is the trick - I do not want any monthly charges, period. All recording should be on my home PC and viewable from there AS well as an app on my android phone.

So what am I looking for?

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Not a Wyze brand system with your requirements.

For license plate reading 4k cameras are far better than 1080 cams like Wyze brands.

Sounds like you need a professional system with a DVR, that way no monthly charges. Accessable via internet and your PC

Not sure about the existence of pro-grade video doorbell units though.

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Notice he or she said “where a doorbell would be”, implying it can merely be a camera. The poster is way ahead of the game with Cat6 available. I’m curious to see what people recommend. There are SO many vendors in the “space”.

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I did a lot of the work myself when we built the house 15 years ago. Being in IT for 40+ years, I made sure the house was wired - including running cat6 not just in the house, but to the adjacent outbuildings (workshop & tractor barn).

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I’ve always thought for license plate reading on the (relatively) cheap, a still image camera would be a better solution than video. Game cameras offer the resolution (16-24 MP is common, and higher is available), and most can take multiple shots when triggered. One problem, however, is that even the ones that offer WiFi appear to connect directly to a mobile device rather than join a WiFi network.

This is a good supplier of professional grade CCTV systems.
ATV Research