Longer Pre-Event Buffer

I have a Yi outdoor camera which is total 6 seconds instead of 12 seconds, BUT it includes two seconds pre-event video which is VERY VERY useful.

i set a very small detection zone, very close to camera, to avoid the fause alter triggered by passing car or tree moving, so with extra 2 seconds, i can watch people reaching my driveway

I would like to see that wyze camera also includes 2 seconds pre-event, i could not tell if it has 1 second or not right now. I can tell the motion sensor/contact triggered videos do not have 1 or 2 seconds pre-event recording (maybe there is but due to the delay among communication of sensor to camera)

Searched didn’t see but think was talked about. The video clip you get with a motion trigger a lol of times misses the beginning. The video clip starts with the person already in frame and you miss 1/2 of the important information and then you need to go out, back, go to playback, find the time, oh it’s nothing. Make the video clip begin (at least if you have continues recording) 3 or so seconds before the trigger

I would be very desirable to be able to select the pre- and post- event record time. Eg I would like to be able to select for example to have the event recording include 5 seconds BEFORE event detection and 20 second AFTER event detection.
I have the camera installed outside and it often cuts off before the actual event is over.

I’d like it if the event recording would have a 2 second lead time,
so it captures what led up to the trigger of the event.