Longer Alert Video Lengths


There is a #roadmap for that: (Don’t forget to vote at the top of the page)

If you have an SD card in the camera, that already happens with either event recording or continuous. There are #roadmap that ask to go directly to that point in the playback from the Event record. I wrote up a summary here:

Don’t forget to vote at the top of the page of that #roadmap.



Focusing on the basic request to increase the length of the captured event video in cloud, I think some slight user tuning would go a long way. Even if the tuning balances the event length with the days in the cloud (14 currently), or some total cloud time (time per event * events per day * days in cloud). My use case is a slow garage door. Cam inside garage captures the garage door coming about half way up with perhaps 2 seconds pre-event, then 10 seconds of garage door rising, and typically no view of what happens next. Being able to add several seconds to the captured video would make the difference. I’d be happy to cut my 14 days to 7 days and double the captured video if the Cam could handle it.
Please don’t diss my garage door opener; the apt owns it, not me and I can’t replace it. It ain’t pretty but it works and it is really old. Kind of a tortise, slow but steady.



There is another request for NAS integration. If the alert was just a locator and a bit of text then the actual alert would be configured by the NAS owner and the cool down would go away as well. Perhaps that would also solve the requests for tagging alerts on the playback function.

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