Long-range Mailbox Sensor/Camera/Alarm

With increasing mail/pkg theft, it would be nice to have a long range (300 ft+) motion sensor/camera with antenna /transmitter to alert us, whenever the mailbox is opened. In app notifications and/or an alarm to go with it. Ring has introduced one. There are some mailbox chimes available on Amazon, but their battery life and signal strength seem unreliable. Since Wyze already has these devices, it would be nice to just extend their WiFi range with some antenna or transmitter etc.

What I am going to tell you will void any warranty, and risks damage to the camera.

You CAN add an external antenna to either a V2 or V3 camera. This allows at the very least, getting the antenna outside the metal box (the mailbox) which substantially improves the range. If you were to put a yagi antenna pointed towards your access point, it may be quite possible to get that distance if it’s a clear path.

Search on YouTube or your favorite search engine to find instructions.

The Ring devices are using a completely different radio technology to get the long range - not something that can be done in an inexpensive device.

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Thanks K6CCC. I will check it out.

Looking for a long range motion sensor? This one out performs the Ring by multiple lengths of distance. Look at Yosmart.com The product line is called Yolink. Uses a protocol called LORA which stands for Long Range. 1,000 to 1/4 mile distances. I have one in my mailbox 126 feet from my garage door. Works great. Could not believe it. Now, I am working on finding plastic project boxes to mount the sensors inside and seal with plasti-dip for outdoor use. Like Wyze, not waterproof. That’s okay. Battery is expected to last 18 mon to 2 years. Their sensor seem to be a little larger than Wyze. But great products. Have some now. Good prices on Amazon and bundled prices get you more bang for the buck. For instance Hub is #22 and 1 motion sensor is #22. For $44 you can test the mailbox requirement without buying a large starter kit.