LONG OVERDUE: Downloadable PDF User Guides or User Manuals Need To Be Made Available

I see this subject was brought up by customers at least as far back as June 2018, and yet it remains unaddressed.

I think Wyze, you’re mostly alone in the world in not making your User Guides available as downloadable PDFs. No one keeps file cabinets anymore. Everything is electronic. Life is so much easier that way, not having to keep store and keep track of paper manuals.

And besides, what good does it do me to have a paper manual in my filing cabinet at home if I’m not at home when I need to refer to it? Or to have to log into your website and search high and low for the online information when I need it? And what if I don’t have an internet connection? I have no access to your User Manuals.

No, it’s FAR more convenient to make these things downloadable PDFs.

And it’s got to be easy-peasy for you. Just scan each manual once, upload them, and be done with them. It cannot be a heavy lift.

I currently have 81 Owner’s Manuals or User Manuals saved as PDFs on my computer and in the Cloud. How convenient would it be if I had 81 User Manuals in a file system at home, or if I had to navigate to the Web and then search for the one I need? Not convenient at all.

PLEASE pass along to whoever needs to hear it that ALL of your products’ User Manuals need to be made available online as downloadable PDFs, and done ASAP. We’ve gone how many years without them?

Too many.



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