Logitech Harmony remote integration

Logitech Harmony remotes have activity-based functions. Where you can push one button and turn on several devices and turn off several devices. This works wonderfully in my home theater where it turns on my receiver, my dish, projector, turns Off the lights and turns on the lamp. You can have several different activities that all function differently but again one button push does everything. For me to currently integrate everything I have to use Lutron and Insteon. But with the Wyze product line I could go with just one company, that being Wyze and eliminate 2 hubs. I would love to see why do you take harmony remote integration.

Yes please!!!

I agree, to help the ecosystem it would be great to see if wyze can be an option with logitech as it is an excellent tool for the home ecosystem. not to mention the significant cost difference that wyze has compared to other option for items like bulbs. once we get the door bell and thermostat, most of the house ecosystem common items will be wyze brand, except for the bulbs and window blinds.