Lock locks by itself

I’ve been using wyze Lock for more than 2 years - started in Feb 2020. There was no problems until last week. it starts locking by itself witj Auto Lock off. If door is closed and locked and I unlocked it and open in a few seconsd lock is locking - no matter if door is closeed or open. After that it requires recalibration which I did already a hundred times. I tried to reboot the app and a phone. Replacde battery. Nothing helped.
What else can i do? After recalibration (which passes with success) it works 1 or two times thent starts everything again. Really annoying especcilly when it lockes the closed door wheh I don’t needt it to. Lucky I have keypad. Pleas help.

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Strange, try removing the lock from the app and adding it again.

I tried it. No luck. Right after removing /adding it works , but on real opening/unlocking it does it again. the same after recalibration. May be two years on duty is a limit…