Lock failed

I wish my lock could be fixed, or that I could get any kind of response from Wyze. The lock failed 10 days ago – initially I thought it was due to “low battery”. Replaced the batteries, but the lock still was difficult to turn and made a whirring sound when turning. An hour after replacing the batteries a second time, the lock indicated calibration was necessary. Tried calibrating, but got a message saying that batteries were too low to calibrate! Wyze website support will not allow any new tickets.

The site wont allow you to submit a Support ticket? That’s odd.

I believe they have been overwhelmed of late. I can understand a message warning of significant delays in responding but to actually stop taking support calls is not really understandable nor is it in any way acceptable.

Any company I have ever worked for would fire anyone that thought that was a valid response to a crisis.

Yes, I’ve submitted several logs with descriptions of the problem via the Wyze app, but have received no response.

If you have a support ticket number, please post it here and I’ll see if I can get a Wyze team member to look into it.

If you can’t make a support request on the website, is it because you are seeing this?

If so, click the X and you should be able to submit.

Yes, that’s correct.

Did I miss something?

Thanks for the tip – clicking the X instead of “Close” did the trick.

Next time I will click on everything before giving up.

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I’m having the same issue. Got “batteries are running low…” message and the battery was at “0%” and the lock would not work (which was strange as I had never seen the battery low message before). Tried 3 sets of new batteries but with each set the battery level was still at 0% and too low to calibrate. Few hours later the lock registered the batteries as fully charged but now after 5 attempts I’m getting the “Calibration Failed” error.