Location trigger in 2.23 Beta

Sorry, I can only see part of the log number. And what’s your app version?

You are using iOS, correct? Did you install the app from the App Store or Test Flight? App Store will be the production version, Test Flight will be the Beta Version.

@WyzeQi , I am correct, right?


Weird that it’s cut off…

2.26.21 beta app version

Log 385009

The Beta / RC version is 2.27.16 (5). 2.26.21 is the latest Prod Release of the iOS Wyze App.

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Yeah, you’re right.

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It’s updated now, apparently test flight logged me out. We shall see.

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Log 386012 - my alerts / notifications for home and away are sporatic and I have to stand in front of my door for almost a minute before it will unlock…thank you all!

Got it. We’ll look into it. Have a good weekend.


Log 403539

Some days location triggers work, some days they do not. Both “enter” and “exit” triggers ran successfully Thursday but none of them showed to have been triggered Friday. It seems inermittent and has been happening for me for a few weeks now.

Location is “always allowed” for Wyze and I do keep Wyze running in the background to ensure location triggers work. Using the Beta app on a Galaxy S10+.

Hi, can you please add me to the new rule engine? I need this feature urgently

Hi @avniel.nir the location trigger is open to everyone. You can download the latest v2.27 to try it. Please make sure you grant the location permission when you use it.

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@SpecialEddie Hi, I’ll forward your feedback to our devs. If there’s any update, I’ll let you know.

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Thank you much! Location triggers have been working the past few days and today they did not. Rules history shows the rule has successfully run but failed to turn off my cameras as programmed.

Anything with my log?

Hi @SpecialEddie we looked into your log. It seems you were in the geofence, that’s why the location rule wasn’t triggered.

I think you were near the trigger radius of the geofence, and maybe the positioning accuracy is not enough to cause no trigger.

Could you recall how you triggered your location rules?

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@Randsom @HoZr Sorry for the late reply. We checked the logs and found the location rules weren’t triggered.
Could you recall how you triggered your rule? Were you near the trigger radius of the geofence?

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Thanks for looking into it! I have the rule setup so that when I enter the 1000ft radius around my home, it turns off all of my Outdoor Cams so I don’t get unnecessary event videos. The log I submitted was immediately after I returned home from work and the cams were still on and captured event videos.

Maybe my GPS signal is less than par?

I’m not sure.
I’ll forward your description to our devs to see what we can find.

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My rules are pretty simple. It’s a leave home unmute / return home mute rule. I have the radius set pretty reasonably but it doesn’t seem to notice the geofencing much of the time.

I can be 10 miles from home and the rules are still muted. I can be in the center of the radius and the rules are unmuted. It’s really annoying to receive 20-30 notifications when I walk across my shop to turn on a light.

Side note, because I had to manually mute my warning notifications I missed the guy that broke into my truck and house Christmas morning. That was super confidence bosting in my WYZE products

I’m sorry to hear that someone broke into your truck and house. Hope you’re good now. We’ll look at your issue as soon as possible.

Happy New Year.

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