Location trigger in 2.23 Beta

i did test this rule location based trigger for some days now and it works good for turning my camara on inhouse when i leave and off when i come home. it would be great if i could use this as a family so when the last person leaves turn the inhouse camara’s on and when the first person comes home turn the inhouse camara’s off. haven’t tested this yet but hope this scenario will going to work that would be much apricated

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@robrd thank you for your suggestion.

Multiple persons in location triggers are in my inbox now.


This would be a great feature. I am using the location trigger now it and works great!! Just want to be able to have it arm/disarm cameras with everyone in the household.

One thing I have noticed is excessive battery usage with location turned on. I use life360, home assistant, google maps, etc and none of them use much battery. You may want check why it uses battery so fast.

I still get alerts me when I’m home! Logs sent twice and no fix. Pointless

I am having trouble with the Location triggers, I am wanting to mute alerts when i am home and turn them back on when i am not home, but when i set it up in the Wyze app, it does not work. all of the other rules work, but only the location triggers do not work.

Location is allowed in my iPhone 11 Pro max settings and i have tested this with the app open and closed, also on two diffrent iPhones.

Any help would be great.

hI @daniel2 sorry for the inconvenience, Could you check if your location permission is set to always and the precise location is enabled?
If yes, could you provide more information
1 your app version
2 your rule name and when this happened.
3 submit a log and send me the log ID.

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Can you post a screenshot of your location rule(s)? Block out any personal info like your address first.

Yes, the precise location is turned on. Along with location set to always The rule is set up to mute alerts when I am home and another one to turn them back on when I leave. But it does not work with Any location trigger, it does not matter what action follows.

The app version is 2.29.0()a25. How do you get the Log file?

Attached is a screenshot for the other user who posted.

For iOS go to the account settings tab, rules, history to see if your rule is being triggered. Also, make sure you only have ONE device set for location or if you have more that only one is set to always report your location and the others only when running the app. Then make sure those devices AREN’T running the Wyze app. Here is the output from my history:


still get alerts me when I’m home! Logs sent twice and no fix. Pointless

Did you look at the rules history to see if your rules actually triggered?

Thank you for your help, for some reson they just started working the other day.

But i have another issue if you can help?
My Wyze keypad keeps disconnecting from the HUB, one keypad works but the other one will not stay connected.it is not to far away from the HUB and I have switched out the keypads and the other one was acting up. I am thinking it has something to do with that location, but what?

Why would it keep disconecting?

Nope, The rule is there, but triggered one day and not the next. No rhyme or reason. Logs sent, no support……….

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