Local Storage

The option for local storage does not appear at the top in the advanced settings for either camera in the Wyze app. The app is up to date and was installed on 12/20/20 along with the cameras and base. I am logged into the app with the original account.
I want to record events for longer than 12 secs.
This is what shows in the Advanced Settings:
Night Vision Mode
Night Vision IR Lights
Time Stamp Watermark
Rotate Image 180
Show Wyze Logo
MicroSD Card Storage
Sync Time Sync

What is the problem?

What is under MicroSD Card Storage?
What OS, Android or iOS?
What app version?


Welcome to the forums! Since you mentioned “base”, I am guessing you have a WCO. The WCO doesn’t operate the same way as the other Wyze cams due to being battery powered.

The sd card in the wco is only for time lapse recording and scheduled recordings, the sd card in the base is for backing up the 12 second event videos.

And in the future when asking for assistance, please include the many things @angus.black mentioned above to help trouble shoot. There are different app versions for each device OS, different camera platforms each with different firmware versions. This will assist getting you help faster. Thanks in advance!


In response to all the questions:
Under MicroSD Card
Camera MicroSD Card
Base Station MicroSD Card

The Base Station is plugged in not battery.
The base station AND the camera’s (2) all have a MicroSD card (3 cards total).

It is an Android OS version 10 on a moto G power.
App version: 2.16.23

The app and firmware have all been updated to the latest versions.

The wco advanced settings layout is different that other cameras setting layouts are, like my photo above. Looks like your setting layout is in par with where things should be.

To record longer than 12 seconds on the wco, you’ll need camplus, or use the scheduled recordings. The wco doesn’t have continuous recordings or event recording to sd card like the non battery powered cameras have. Keep in mind that more camera usage will suck the battery down to a fraction of the advertised 3 to 6 months battery life between charges.