Livestream all cams simultaneously

Ability to livestream all cameras at the same tim

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Welcome to the forums! Have you added all the cameras you want to live stream together into a group in app? When viewing a group in app, it’s cameras are live streamed together. Also, if you turn your device on its side, it’ll display a quad view of your cameras in live stream.

This is the v3 support page, but is very similar across all cameras:

And also, you can vote on your own wishlist item if you want… :slight_smile:

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Yeah I don’t think this belongs on the wishlist?

The feature exists.

Edit: if you’re talking about streaming out to YouTube or something, TinyCam can probably handle it, as can the RTSP approach.


I agree, was just waiting for the newer OP to get back and confirm that this already existed, or provide further info as to their wish.

Ill put this on the @Mods radar to see if they want move it now or wait.

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Welcome to the Wyze community @nmedema12!
As @Omgitstony said, you can group cameras in the Wyze app.
There is a #wishlist item here for the option to group more then 4 cameras on one grid/group view (at one time).

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Huh? Aren’t they unlimited except you have to scroll to see the next 4? Thought I read that.

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You’re correct! I meant more then 4 at one time. I have edited my post to make it clearer.

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I was not aware of this feature. I now have it set up for all my cameras thank you guys for the help!


Good to hear. I think this means the @mods can close this as a new wishlist item.


Mod Note: Since this feature request is already available in the Wyze app, this #wishlist topic has been closed.