Live Your Life in Color with Wyze Bulb Color - 2/16/21

@kenw In addition to @Brlepage’s existing #wishlist reference, here’s another that might be relevant:

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Hey, I will really like the 220v version, why is it the original bulb can work with 220v and the color can’t, that is the only reason why the regular bulbs are selling because if the dual voltage, I pre-ordered the color bulb but if it can’t go 220v, I am cancelling my order

Will these bulbs be HomeKit compatible? And if not, why not? Thanks.

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Seeing as nothing else Wyze makes is HomeKit compatible, I very much doubt that they’re going to start communicating with the rest of the world now.

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Probably not, at least not for now… or a long time for now lol

I would buy a bunch if they were available to Canadian’s.

On a serious note, you should really start selling to other markets as I feel like I’m being pushed out of the fold, does that make sense?

I don’t/can’t own majority of Wyze’s new products, unlike when it was Wyze cam, Motion sensors and those few that were released to Canadian’s but now when I look at the app and forum, it seems like a totally different company (to me) because I can’t relate to any of the new products, whether it’s good or bad. This isn’t a new problem either and the promise of selling outside of the USA is getting old now. I’m in Canada right next door and am limited to probably 5 to 8 Wyze products. My fitness Band is another brand, same with scale and everything else. You are missing out on some great markets and they’re (potential customers) losing interest in things advertised to nines but isn’t even available to purchase. It’s mildly frustrating when a pop up for the new products disrupts my app experience and I’m not even allowed to purchase them.

A few of these could be off by a bit as Amazon prices change often and some items might be on sale but here is what’s available to us Canadian’s from Amazon. I do not have access to Home Depot so I can’t order from them if they sell Wyze. The price difference is quite wild too but being Canadian, I’m used to it. :sob:

Can’t wait for that… Got the bulbs, but could use a switch.

Hello, original Bulbs were also saying 110v but worked perfectly with 220v, I have 8 running with no issues !!
Can you please have the tech team check ?

Below the link of the original bulb Wyze statement on 220v compatibility
Can someone confirm the same for the color bulbs ??

I’m also also wondering about this.
I pre-ordered a 4 pack of these and I’m planning to send 3 of them to Europe to my parents.
But I wonder if they’ll work w/ their 230 Volts grid?

We would have to test as the response from the team is not convincing…

What response? Can you link their response?

Though, the original Wyze bulb says the same thing and people report being able to use them okay (I have not tried it personally).

I’m sure Wyze cannot legally say that it works unless they designed them to do so (which they didn’t). So now, the only way to find out for sure is to wait until somebody gets one and tries it out and reports back.

Hi. Can the color bulbs be set to specific RGB or nm color? (Please say yes… :grimacing:)

OK YES, but its not true.
There is a color circle and you move around a smaller circle over the color you want.
You can also adjust temperature and brightness but nanometers, not so much.

Interesting idea though, you might want to put it on the wish list. pero There is a lot of variability between LED emissions even if manufacture on the same production line. Don’t know about spectrophotometry and Beer’s Law with an inexpensive lamp.


I agree with MWPollard. Any update on the brightness rating of the colors, not the white? I’ve got some cheap Merkury color bulbs in my front sconces and the colors are much dimmer than the white. If these have the colors as bright or almost as bright as the white, then I’d definitely be interested.