Live Your Life in Color with Wyze Bulb Color - 2/16/21

Purple… lots of purple. :grinning: Seriously… these have everything I asked for when WyzeMike polled us in Dec '19. :+1:

Unfortunately, your payment processing service is down. Getting “Payment Refused” no matter how I choose to pay. :pensive: Will try again later…


Well I thought they could given that they already have voice control per the read. I currently use a competitor’s app and product and thats pretty much what they did. The music is picked up through my device’s microphone and translated to flickering colors that flicker to the tempo. Great for at home karaoke or just a “club” vibe in a pandemic world

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That’s cool. Maybe it’s easier than I thought. I wonder if they could do it through Google and Alexa devices since those already link up with voice control like you mentioned. I know WyzeFrederik had said they’re working on having devices link up to Google and Alexa locally with WebRTC… So if they can make something similar with those devices, maybe it can be basically instantaneous like you’re talking about without any lag. Yeah, I guess there are more options than I first considered. It probably depends on how much of the work can simply be copied from opensource options vs how much they’d have to program themselves. I think it’d be cool and hope that my first instinct proves wrong.

The specs mention 120v meaning these bulbs can’t be used outside the US.

Any plans to have 220-240v bulbs for the rest of the world?


I really want to keep supporting Wyze. Was so excited to see the color bulbs but they are listed as 110/120 volt only at the moment. If they support 220v I’m all in, but if not, I’ll have to pass.

One thing I think all of the companies making smart bulbs are overlooking (except philips so far), is a wireless on/off/dimmer switch. As an American living in Europe, my wife does not speak English well and refuses to use Alexa or a phone to control the lights. If there is no wireless switch she will turn them off at the wired switch, which defeats the whole purpose.

I know there are 3rd party alternatives, but most of these require your phone in the same room or that you have even more gear from other companies to work. (homekit home hub, hue hub and the like).

More junk? I think the only thing still working properly for the hundreds and hundreds of dollars I’ve spent is the Wyze robot vacuum. I hope it lasts more than a couple of months. I still have cameras right out of the box that haven’t worked right.

I like the looks of these bulbs!
But, I’ll never buy a single one until there’s an integration with an actual automation platform such as SmartThings, Hubitat, etc. Alexa and Google Assistant just don’t count.
I tend to stick with Zigbee bulbs, but have a few WiFi bulbs. Those integrate with SmartThings, so they get my money.

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Can you set them to periodically change colors on their own?

Got the info about if WiFi goes down!

"Wyze Bulb Color has both a WiFi and Bluetooth connection, so if your WiFi goes out, you can still locally control your lights via the Wyze app.

Without WiFi, you can control Wyze Color Bulb from its product page in the app, but you can’t turn it on/off from the Home screen. Also, Rules and voice commands will not work. "

You will be able to set Rules for changing the color of the bulbs later but it isn’t available yet. :slight_smile:

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I haven’t heard plans for a 220v version yet but it’s possible that will come later! I’d recommend voting for it in the Wishlist. :slight_smile:


Hi @puffybutter You can create a rule to schedule the lamp ON and set Brightness and Temperature.
Then set a new time to change with another rule, not really “on its own”.
There is also Vacation Mode to turn the lamp on/ff at random times but not the color.

Interesting. so for those who aren’t sure what the difference is or what this is saying, I believe it means this:

The On/Off button on the main home screen (as shown here, though pointing out an Original Bulb, imagine this one was a color bulb):

It only works through WiFi/internet when selected here on the home screen. So if you don’t have internet/WiFi working, then the buttons will not work for the Color Bulbs here.

For the local functionality you have to instead select the individual device itself to go to it’s “Product Page” (instead of the Home screen showing a full list of devices), then you’ll see the individual Device options and can use the power button there to turn it on/off even without WiFi. It might look like this:


I’m not totally sure which of those screens it works on, or if it works on both…but pressing the power button on one of these two screens will apparently allow it to be controlled locally by Bluetooth. I believe this is what it means by “Home Page” vs “Product Page”

If anyone who beta-tested these is able to test it out (power off your WiFi and see how much of the bulb you can control without WiFi…just the power? Color too?) that would be awesome. Also, does it work for both of those screens (color and temperature screens? Not for a group?)

Anyway, thanks to Wyze Gwendolyn for the answer/clarification.

I do have one more question though…WHY DOESN’T MY APP USE DARK MODE LIKE ALL THESE COOL SCREENSHOTS?!?! Is that something being launched imminently too, or just something that shows up for Color Bulbs only? It better not be iPhone only!

Super jealous I don’t have dark mode on my app yet, but these screenshots are all in dark mode! PLEASE @WyzeGwendolyn tell me this new Bulb video is subtly announcing Dark Mode is being launched soon…if it’s already here and I just totally overlooked it, someone tell me how to turn it on! I hate white GUI’s and I’m super excited at the possibility of dark mode with the Wyze App!

Im excited to say I am pre-ordering mine and can’t wait to get the colored bulbs and also wyze watch…kids should love them

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Original wyze bulb also states Working Voltage: AC 120V~60Hz, but they work perfectly on 220v. Is it possible for color bulbs to work on 220V?

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Even though I thought $34.99 was a little expensive, I was willing to buy them out of my loyalty to Wyze.
Once I got to the checkout and the price inflated to $45.99, I just couldn’t justify paying $11.50 a bulb, when (as others have already pointed out) that there are other bulbs out there for less than half the price,
I’m sorry, Wyze but this is one pre-order I’m gonna have to let go.


“I’m trying to justify the premium in price, but I’m not finding features that, to me, justify paying so much more than from another reputable company”

I think the feature worth the additional expense is, as @Mrxindowntown stated, “ecosystem”. Not only can you use one app but you get a powerful set of rules that cross over to other Wyze products such as color based on motion detection or sensor state. I’m hoping colors can also be set for person, car, package detection vs motion detection,


THink about making a dry contact version. I have to modify my SONOFF switch to dry contacts to operate my garage door.

Welcome @kenw!
You should check out this #wishlist topic:

I am interested in purchasing a Wyze Bulb Color. However, I don’t need four. Will you come out with individual bulb options?

As stated above:

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