Live Your Life in Color with Wyze Bulb Color - 2/16/21

Unless it’s Zigbee or Hue compatible, count me out, which doesn’t appear to be the case, otherwise, you’d mention it. Trying to come in with a separate ecosystem to a relatively mature market segment where there are existing protocols that work really well seems like a really off-base decision.

Considering that Zigbee/Z-BOSS is open source, you could have overlaid your proprietary stuff on top and enabled your special features while leaving it compatible with systems that many people already have in place. Everybody wants a walled garden for their stuff, while ignoring systems that are already in place for many customers. I don’t need a third or fourth automation ecosystem in my house. Integration should be the keyword, not proprietary systems.


Are these bulbs going to help shed light on bugs in the F/W, S/W and APP before they’re released to the public? :thinking: :laughing:

I’d be more than happy to buy several packages right now if you’d just open a f*****g API already!!!

You can sell all the coolest and most innovative stuff for as low of a price point as you want but, all that is completely useless for me if I can’t have programmatic control over my devices.


FINALLY!!! Not only has this been the most logical new release from Wyze in some time, it is perfectly priced. I can’t compare them to LIFx (yet - I don’t have them to use), but they are less than 1/4 the cost. Sure they aren’t 1100 lumens but that was always overkill from LIFx. Congrats & thank you


Yes, I was referring to the other bulbs keep working as normal, AFTER power returns.

I just noticed I turned the light switch off that one of the Treatlife bulbs is controlled by. I flipped the switch on and the light came on immediately.

The Wyze Bulbs are similar, they just take a little longer to react.

As for control or automation: I prefer Alexa to coordinate automation across all my devices. I use Alexa for voice control. I utilize the individual manufacturers Apps for direct control.

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The Wyze bulbs actually are 1100 lumens according to the specs. So comparable to the A19

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Is anyone else having issues ordering these bulbs? I can add to the check-out, and see the order in the check-out. But otherwise can’t make any progress actually ordering them.

Beyond this trying to log into Wyze has changed. The original screen doesn’t reflect (in either Safari or Chrome in IOS) a captcha being available, so you need to log in a few times and fail and finally the catcha that was hidden is now shown. Never had a problem before with logging in so I assume Wyze did a home page change and like the order form, doesn’t really do a good job testing it out.

I also have one of those Treatlife and they’re a good reliable bulb. I had too many problems with my original 4 pack of Wyze bulbs and retired them all back to the storage shelf. Even when they were working correctly, little things like triggering in a routine a second or two later than the other brands in the room on the same Alexa routine was annoying.


The only problem I have with preordering is waiting until they ship!
I’m in for 2 packs.
One of my Tradfri bulbs went out about a month ago so I was hoping that these bulbs would launch.

Exactly my thoughts. My guess is that since Wyze has now gotten a decent user base, they will try to extract a little more margin out of each new product they launch and given customers would mostly prefer to stay within one ecosystem, they will end up buying. At least I will put myself down as one such customer who is not entirely happy with the pricing but will probably go ahead and purchase it.

Yeah, this one is a bit of a head scratcher. Normally Wyze early releases products priced significantly lower than the competition which may make it worth the wait. In this case though, there are 4-packs of color smart bulbs available cheaper right now with Amazon Prime free shipping for Thursday delivery. Cheaper already plus free shipping makes Wyze significantly more expensive.


I never thought to put my Treatlife Bulbs on a trigger to compare the response times. I put Wyze contact sensors on my closet doors, Wyze Bulbs in the closets. They take about 3 seconds or longer to turn on, or off. Similar with my Bulb triggered off my Wyze Motion Sensor.

I will just add one of my Treatlife Bulbs to each trigger so I can compare the response time. If they are quicker, I will purchase some more.

For voice commands, the delay is not too long for either bulb. The Wyze is slightly slower.

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What wattage or lumens are available per color? Are we limited to, say, 275 lumens (1100/4) if we want a solid blue light?

These would probably be better than my current Merkury bulbs, but they were $4.97 each, with free shipping, and they are color and rated for 1050 lumens. (That was a Black Friday special; they are currently $8.88 each in-store only, or $17.88 online for a two-pack, effectively $8.94 each, with free shipping.) But these are effectively $10.75 each because of shipping.

If I were to chose now, I’d try these - higher quality for a higher price - but replacing my existing ones will require a more persuasive argument. If these are twice the brightness in color, I’ll get some. If not, I’ll stay with what I have.

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That’s a great idea. Please share your findings regardless of how it turns out if you will, I would also be interested in hearing what you found the difference to be.

This is how I noticed:
For a while, I had a Wyze motion sensor triggering a Wyze bulb and a Wyze plug on another light at the same time, in the same room. I kept having reliability problems like being halfway across the room before the lights came on or not working at all with the claim of Amazon server maintenance, etc. I first switched the Wyze motion sensor to a Samsung Zigbee motion sensor and noticed a response time increase. Then after a bit, I switched the Wyze plug to a cheap one from Amazon that uses the Smart Life app and I noticed that it came on faster than the Wyze bulb by another couple seconds. So I switched out that Wyze bulb also and then both lights would trigger and come on nearly instantly and at the same time even though they’re different brands. Often the lights come on as my first step into the room is hitting the floor. No more delays or days where it doesn’t work at all.

Also, when it was all Wyze, my wife would get annoyed when the lights would turn of on her while she was moving in the room and not even come right back on. That doesn’t happen anymore with the Samsung motion sensor unless you’re perfectly still and even then, they come right back on if you move.


Not much difference, the Treatlife turns on slightly faster.

Based on what @raym64 is saying, I may have to look into other sensors. Waiting several seconds is a little frustrating. And having the light in our storage room turn off, even though I am moving in clear visibility of the sensor, is also frustrating.

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Thanks. I’m also hoping the new V2 sensors might be better/faster too.


Contact and motion, yes delay in both when turning on lights. I have WYZE sensors tethered to my smart switches using Alexa routines and they have the same delays as the WYZE motion and contact sensors triggering the WYZE bulbs in the WYZE app.

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Will you support a “party mode” of some sort where the bulbs can randomly change colors with music? I currently use a competitor’s product and love that option for small get togethers or singing Karaoke at home. It could open up the product to an all new customer base!

“Party Mode” where the light changes with music, etc. isn’t really possible with this model because it would require a microphone, and there isn’t one in these particular bulbs. In theory Wyze could program something in the Wyze App itself to listen to sound and change the light color based on the beat, etc…but the lag through the internet and back would make it pretty delayed…but they could possibly tell the app to do it through Bluetooth control instead as long as you are within Bluetooth range of the light.

Still, I seriously doubt they’ll ever put in the tons of programming and testing effort this would require, since it is unlikely to have a significant return on investment (the amount they’d have to pay developers to code this feature and test it vs the amount of extra sales they’d make from this feature are probably not enough to risk the salary when they can spend that time and effort on things people are much more desperate for, like third party integrations/API’s and tons of other stuff that would have a much higher ROI…but it is an interesting idea that would be fun occasionally.