Live Your Life in Color with Wyze Bulb Color - 2/16/21

They are standalone (no hub/bridge).

You can resolve the power fluctuation issues to some degree by going into settings and selecting your preferred “Power Loss Recovery” option of what you want the bulbs to do when the power disconnects. You can tell it to maintain the previous state (if it was off, then stay off when power is restored), or to always turn the light on when power is restored. The “previous state” option has some things that are kind of frustrating (if you flick the switch off, then flick it back on, you have to wait until it connects to the internet first then tell it to turn on).

How do your Treatlife bulbs act differently?

This is REALLY AWESOME! THIS IS A HUGE PLUS!!! I might eventually replace ALL my original Wyze bulbs just for this reason (I’ll start with 8 for now)! Thanks for the response Brady! I love it!


Why is he shipping $8 per pack, I was going to pre-order 3 packs but $24 shipping is a bit much


12 watts for the new bulb is great. Seems like most bulbs are aiming down in watts and lying about lumens. 12 watts will give plenty of light. Nice.

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I’d love to try a colored bulb, but not four - especially at that price. Hopefully you’ll offer one bulb sometime in the future - or even a free one with another order, as you did with the regular bulb and the scale. :slight_smile:

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While this is a great feature, in my case, I’m not sure of the usefulness - If my Wi-Fi is down, it’s usually because there is a power outage and the lights are off anyhow :wink: And Bluetooth won’t exactly help me turn off a light in the basement when I’m in a bedroom upstairs or outside, etc.

I can see a benefit of having Bluetooth during the initial setup though. For my particular use case, the ‘Bluetooth’ feature is more of a ‘marketing’ feature that Wyze can use, rather than something I would leverage all the time. Perhaps there’s another use case I’m not thinking about?

From the Wyze Bulb Color Details:

Can I buy a 1-pack of Wyze Bulb Color?
Sorry! A single bulb is not available.Currently, only a 4-pack of Wyze Bulb Color is available. We’re working on getting a 2-pack of Wyze Bulb Color in the Wyze Store in a few months. Stay tuned!

A comment and question: We use either red or yellow lights all throughout our house to emulate evening/night time conditions and to eliminate blue light which can be harmful to sleep and other things. Can these bulbs be brought down to these low emissions? If so, (and I will check the range the doctor recommends) this could be sold easily to many who go this way to eliminate blue light in their homes.

@carverofchoice my Treatlife bulbs are not affected by power outages or fluctuations. Unlike my Wyze bulbs that either stop working with triggers and/or all turn on. I did not have to find hidden settings to make the Treatlife bulbs work as expected.

My bulbs are in a group. Thanks for your recommendation. Apparently in the hard to notice ‘More’ option for each bulb is another window, with another settings icon. I set them all for previous state.

@isaiah58 Thanks for sharing.

I’ve had several different brands of smart lights. I am not 100% sure what you mean by your other bulbs are not affected by outages. I presume they can’t work when the power goes out…that they don’t have a battery backup or something…so I am assuming that you mean they already default to the previous state (if they were on, then when power restores they turn on, or when they were off, when power restores they stay off?).

Bulbs like that which automatically default to last state like that without me setting that as my preference still have the same problem where if they were on when the power went out and then later power restores in the middle of the night, they will still turn on when I don’t want them to. Also, if I use an app or Google/Alexa to turn them off, then someone later flips the light switch off (cutting the power…thank you visitors or kids), then when I turn the switch back on, the light still won’t turn on until it can connect to the internet, and that’s kind of annoying for certain lights that I want to always turn on when I flip the switch on. I only like the default to last state on a few bulbs…like my bedroom, so they aren’t waking me up when power goes on/off during the night. But most other places I need the light to turn on whenever the switch is turned on, even if someone told an app or google/alexa to turn it off before flipping the switch. What I like about Wyze bulbs is that I have the choice of how it responds to power outages now. I can still have it do the previous state option like many others do, but I can also choose to always have it turn the lights on when power is restored on most of my other lights. If it’s a big deal, I can always have a certain bulb I never actually use set up with automation rules, so when it turns on during certain times (ie: power flicker or restoring in the middle of the night), it will automatically run a routine to turn off all the other lights in the house that I want off at night…and my bedroom was already set to previous state, so it never turns on when restored in the middle of the night. Having had tons of different smart lights, that’s the best solution for smart lights in my opinion…be able to pick what happens at restoration and set up routines so they all work exactly as desired. Wyze allows this, no others I have tried allow me to do these kinds of things…so Wyze has been superior for my uses.

Still, your point is certainly valid. It might be better to offer the previous state option as the default, or ask people during setup which way they want/expect the lights to work when power is restored. That’s some great feedback for them to consider adding during setup. Too many people like you don’t know it’s an option, so it makes sense to call it a hidden option from that perspective. Thanks for sharing.

I hope the option change helps make the Wyze bulbs work the way you’re used to. I hope Wyze considers letting people know more about this option during setup too.

@Donkey Yeah, I get that if you have stable and reliable internet. I don’t. My internet sucks. Sometimes it’s the ISP in my area (Comcast), sometimes it’s the router (I’ve had to upgrade to increasingly more high-end routers as I’ve added devices crashing the 2.4 gHz band), and sometimes it’s the signal congestion (too many 2.4gHz routers in the neighborhood all interfering with each other…Yes, I know how to check and change channels, and use the most open channel, etc…but there are so many interfering with each here, that there are issues I can’t do much about). Then there are all the times Wyze has an outage where my lights won’t respond. So, for me, a local Blutooth option is HUGE! It will alleviate lots of annoyance! None of the other smart bulbs I’ve ever had offered this. It also helps me to think that if they release the API, or someone hacks the API to work on something like Home Assistant, that I can easily use it 100% locally with different triggers. Bluetooth 5.0 can go a fair distance.

I’m thinking about how awesome it would be if Wyze allowed the Wyze Home Monitoring Hub (which also uses Bluetooth) to connect directly to my app and/or these Color Bulbs through the app. I could use contact sensors as smart switches to work 100% locally instead of totally reliant on ISP And Wyze connectivity! If Internet goes out, my contact sensor, acting as a light switch will still work 100% of the time because my phone, the hub and light switch can all connect locally.

I get if that’s not a huge thing for some people, but for me it is HUGE when it comes to improved reliability and usability. No more insane 2.4gHz problems (which isn’t a Wyze issue, it’s just so crowded on that bandwidth and my ISP sucks in general around here too). That’s why it’s a big deal for me and many others. Some of us would use it all the time.

I get that Bluetooth won’t allow us to control lights on a different level or across the house very easily, but most of the time I want to change a light near where I am, definitely within Bluetooth range. Though, I am tempted to look into “Bluetooth repeaters” after some testing of distances in my house once I get this initial batch. Then I might be able to control any light locally from anywhere on my property. We’ll see…one step at a time for now. :slight_smile:

As for the price, I am not very pleased with the total costs after shipping and taxes as well. It’s feeling pretty steep compared to competitors. I know the smart bulb market is already super competitive, so it’s hard to have a disruptive price in that realm, and Wyze’s new color bulbs are better than most of the cheaper ones I compared that get free shipping…I guess the added benefits for me are that it works in the rest of my Wyze Ecosystem well (with rules, etc), and it has local Bluetooth access…sure it goes brighter and all sorts of other things, but some of those things aren’t hard-sells for me. The price is decent, but it’s not GREAT or disruptive compared to others if all you want are basic features…it’s the very slight additions that I’ll use that make it worth it for me, but would have no bearing for others who just want basic color changing options and don’t care about most of the rest of it.

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Unless it’s Zigbee or Hue compatible, count me out, which doesn’t appear to be the case, otherwise, you’d mention it. Trying to come in with a separate ecosystem to a relatively mature market segment where there are existing protocols that work really well seems like a really off-base decision.

Considering that Zigbee/Z-BOSS is open source, you could have overlaid your proprietary stuff on top and enabled your special features while leaving it compatible with systems that many people already have in place. Everybody wants a walled garden for their stuff, while ignoring systems that are already in place for many customers. I don’t need a third or fourth automation ecosystem in my house. Integration should be the keyword, not proprietary systems.


Are these bulbs going to help shed light on bugs in the F/W, S/W and APP before they’re released to the public? :thinking: :laughing:

I’d be more than happy to buy several packages right now if you’d just open a f*****g API already!!!

You can sell all the coolest and most innovative stuff for as low of a price point as you want but, all that is completely useless for me if I can’t have programmatic control over my devices.


FINALLY!!! Not only has this been the most logical new release from Wyze in some time, it is perfectly priced. I can’t compare them to LIFx (yet - I don’t have them to use), but they are less than 1/4 the cost. Sure they aren’t 1100 lumens but that was always overkill from LIFx. Congrats & thank you


Yes, I was referring to the other bulbs keep working as normal, AFTER power returns.

I just noticed I turned the light switch off that one of the Treatlife bulbs is controlled by. I flipped the switch on and the light came on immediately.

The Wyze Bulbs are similar, they just take a little longer to react.

As for control or automation: I prefer Alexa to coordinate automation across all my devices. I use Alexa for voice control. I utilize the individual manufacturers Apps for direct control.

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The Wyze bulbs actually are 1100 lumens according to the specs. So comparable to the A19

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Is anyone else having issues ordering these bulbs? I can add to the check-out, and see the order in the check-out. But otherwise can’t make any progress actually ordering them.

Beyond this trying to log into Wyze has changed. The original screen doesn’t reflect (in either Safari or Chrome in IOS) a captcha being available, so you need to log in a few times and fail and finally the catcha that was hidden is now shown. Never had a problem before with logging in so I assume Wyze did a home page change and like the order form, doesn’t really do a good job testing it out.

I also have one of those Treatlife and they’re a good reliable bulb. I had too many problems with my original 4 pack of Wyze bulbs and retired them all back to the storage shelf. Even when they were working correctly, little things like triggering in a routine a second or two later than the other brands in the room on the same Alexa routine was annoying.


The only problem I have with preordering is waiting until they ship!
I’m in for 2 packs.
One of my Tradfri bulbs went out about a month ago so I was hoping that these bulbs would launch.

Exactly my thoughts. My guess is that since Wyze has now gotten a decent user base, they will try to extract a little more margin out of each new product they launch and given customers would mostly prefer to stay within one ecosystem, they will end up buying. At least I will put myself down as one such customer who is not entirely happy with the pricing but will probably go ahead and purchase it.

Yeah, this one is a bit of a head scratcher. Normally Wyze early releases products priced significantly lower than the competition which may make it worth the wait. In this case though, there are 4-packs of color smart bulbs available cheaper right now with Amazon Prime free shipping for Thursday delivery. Cheaper already plus free shipping makes Wyze significantly more expensive.