Live stream not hooking up to Cellular data



App not showing live stream gets stuck at 3. But if I turn my WiFi on my phone it works fine. In my house.
When I leave my house and try to view the cameras using my cellular data it will not hook up. I have unplugged. And reset. Help!!


Perhaps the firewall on your router is preventing the data to stream out.


I will definitely check. I was not having any problems. But we had electrical issues so maybe that put a kink in it.



I pulled up my router setting but i am not sure what to look for on the firewall part…



Make sure you are running the latest application version and that you installed the latest firmware.


YEP… 3.93.62


When you are in your house and your camera and mobile are both connected to the same SSID (and you don’t have client isolation), the data will flow directly between the mobile app and the camera over wifi (probably going through your access point), i.e. mobile <-> access point <-> camera, not mobile <-> camera. But it isn’t going out to through your internet connection and back to the other device like it is when your mobile is at a different location.

The point is, when you are accessing a camera over the internet, your internet connection speed is an important factor.

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