Live feed pauses every 2-3 seconds. 1,2,3 pause.... 1,2,3 pause ..... 1,2,3 pause

My first-gen camera (firmware live video feed pauses every 2-3 seconds for about 1 second. 1,2,3 pause… 1,2,3 pause … 1,2,3 pause… Very annoying because the cam is used to watch the entrance of an active beehive. We’re missing about 25% of the bee action!

Signal strength is strong. Firmware is up to date. All detection and notification settings are turned off.

Sounds like either a slow phone or a slow internet connection.

I’m doing this from my home WiFi. We’re paying for 60Mbps, and I just tested and I got 59.1 Mbps. I monitor another camera that’s at my work and it does not have this issue. That cam is a Gen 2 camera.

It is probably not your internet speed but the connection to your cam here is talking about. How fast from the router are you, are you going through many obstacles, if you move it next to the router does the problem go away.