Live feed not available during the day



I cannot access my live feed during daylight hours…WYZE support had me run a connection test using the RouteThis Helps app…after sending the results of the test to Matthew at WYZE, he said it appeared to be a problem with some type of interference from my ISP. I appreciate the prompt responses I have received from WYZE support, but my problem is still not solved…From 6:15am until 7pm, I cannot access my live feed using my Android phone. If I am at home on my WiFi network, I have no problem whatsoever accessing my live feed any time of the day or night. From 7pm until 6:15am, I can access my live feed on my Android phone no problem. I also own another well known brand of surveillance camera operating on the same network and I have no issues accessing its live feed 24/7 whether at home or away.


I have exactly the same issue. For the first few weeks, I was able to access the live feed during daytime, but lately I cannot. The alerts come through fine during the daylight hours, just not the live feed. All works ok at night. ??? FYI my cam points towards the outside through a window.


Try deleting the camera from the app and re-pair it. I had the same issue, that resolved it.


Thanks, I will try that next time I am at the camera location.



I have been having the same problem as well. Started around the first of March.


For those experiencing the problem, I know this is a weird question, but what timezones are you operating from?


Eastern Time Zone


Central Time zone


I tried re-pairing the cameras… interestingly, on one of them, it extended the “live time” by about 15 minutes longer than I previously had. I can hear the audio feed during the day, just no video. I also receive the motion detected notifications with the accompanying video clip.


What ISPs do you guys use? Wondering if their are some ‘peak time’ issues from your providers.


I re-paried the camera last night and it seems to have fixed the problem.