Linking Wyze Lock to Google Home/Assistant

@WyzeJonathan Any update on the Google Assistant integration? End of Q3 means before end of September?

Thank you!

I must agree with everybody else’s complaints I had just purchased this last week for the purposes of integrating with my smart home and it was very clearly advertised as being compatible with Google home where I purchased it. now I come to see only in this forum that it’s in fact not. Google home integration is clearly very important to most people who would purchase this item. Before now I’ve only been happy and thrilled with wyze products but I’m beginning to reconsider that after this miscommunication in advertisement leaves me extremely disappointed. I can only hope that this Q3 goal is a true, although I do think I’ll be returning it now for a different product. Sorry to be so blunt but I felt my need to express my opinions on this


I would like to add my voice to the chorus asking for an update on the Lock integration with Google Assistant. I have been very happy with my Wyze products to date (Pan Cam, sensors, bulbs) but it won’t feel like a complete solution while only some work with the Google Assistant.


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I agree with your statements. Just FYI I wouldn’t expect to get it anytime soon because so far they have not been consistent. @WyzeJonathan was saying a end of Q3 estimate, but per @WyzeGwendolyn reply on the other thread I asked her she said

" We don’t have an update on this yet but we’re still planning on the integration happening.".

So it just sounds like an afterthought to me. Like “one day it’ll come” but don’t wait for it… I asked specifically for an estimate and it went from Q3 to “planning on the integration happening”…that’s not reassuring to me lol

There is no integration with Google Home although Wyze advertised an integration and that is the reason that I purchased Wyze. August has a similar item but it was about $25 more than the Wyze product and so I purchased Wyze. It really was disappointing that when I set it up, it did not see the Lock, while it does show my cameras. It really is a blatant misrepresentation of their product and it is a certainty that there are means to address this. Wyze now says that they will have this integration during the third quarter which ends September 30, If there is no integration at that time, one will still be able to seek damages from Wyze because there is written and documented information from Wyze that it was already compatible with Google Home when most purchased the locks.


I was a big fan of Wyze and I still am somewhat. I have 5 Wyze products. Wyze Lock’s lacking Google Home integration is really disappointing. So are Wyzecam’s Google Home Hub streaming capability and stability. I would have bought the outdoor cam immediately if the Lock and the Wyzecam worked as advertised. Wyze should know that it is losing its reliability.

On top of everyone else chimmimg in sharing the same viewpoint on Google home integration, I would have to agree with @richardnorton50, I had decided to be committed to wyze after witnessing a great level of communication and collaboration with it’s community. And even when wyze owned up to mistakes such as the case was when replacement cams were sent out free of charge after a defect was reported. And while I feel a bit slighted by this I’m hopeful someone can clear this up as they had in the past by acknowledging the false advertisement / misunderstanding, offering a clear goal and path to providing a solution and buy offering frequent updates on the status.

This is really frustrating, no word from any of these guys about when the integration will be done. They are probably too busy building the smart space heater :joy::joy:, I dont know about anyone else but I sure am not buying any wyze products until the integration is done, because I was told it works with Google when I bought the product.

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"by end of Q3… Here we are, Sept 14th… 16 days left. Whats the Over/Under on Wyze not meeting this “promise” as well.


Great news everyone! Q3 ends in 2 days so we’ll have Google integration of the lock as advertised at the time of purchase and repeatedly promised in this thread!

I don’t see a promise they made, I think they learned their lesson from making promises