Line voltage thermostat

Would love a line voltage model. Currently there are no line voltage programmable thermostats on the market.

Sure there is. I have line voltage programmable WiFi thermostats from Sinope. There are 2 different models 3000 watt and 4000 watt both programmable. They work great. There are also programmable non-smart line voltage thermostats from Aube.

I got really excited - then checked with Sinope. Their thermostats are for heat only, not heating and cooling. The same appears to be true for any programmable version at Aube as well.

Thanks for the insight though. Sinope says they are working on developing one.

Try Wyze they make a thermostat for hearing and cooling.

It wouldn’t be all that hard to use a line to 24vac transformer and a 24vac coil contactor to build your own 24v control for your line powered system which would then be able to be controlled by any standard thermostat, including wyze’s. The optimal place to put this control would be in a box near the breakers for the heat source, as this would require the least amount of rewiring. Running standard thermostat wire from the contactor control to the living space would be the only challenge.

They make a relay / transformer for this exact purpose. I just hooked up my line voltage oil heater to this and a Wyze Thermostat. It would be nice if Wyze informed people of this option rather than simply saying it wasn’t possible.

Aube Technologies RC840T-240 On/Off Switching Electric Heating Relay with Built-in 24 V Transformer,