Lightbulb won't turn on, please help!

I set up the light bulbs successfully but then turned off the bulbs for the night. The next day, the lightbulbs won’t turn back on. I tried to reset (on/off three times) but they won’t power on. Please help!

I don’t know what to tell ya really Try factory reset

Factory reset doesn’t work… Per my comment above. The bulbs don’t power on at all.

Stick your finger in the socket and see if there’s power, just kidding.
What kind of fixture are you putting the bulbs in ?

I have a similar issue. I set up the Wyze Bulb and it worked/performed very well for about 2 days. Then this afternoon, the light came on without any input or command, stayed on for about 30 seconds, then turned it self off and will not come back on. I tried another plain led bulb in the lamp and it came on no problem. I put the Wyze Bulb back in the lamp and it did not come on. I attempted a factory reset by unplugging the lamp and plugging it back in 3 times. The bulb never came on each time the power was restored and never started to pulse to reconnect. The bulb now will not come on at all and shows up in the Wyze app as “device offline”, which I have not been able to find in the Wyze Bulb Troubleshooting Guide. Thoughts?

I would turn in a support ticket