Light socket adapter with USB power port

Most external locations I would like to place a camera have a light fixture. It would be great to have a accessory that would screw in and allow USB power for a camera and still allow the bulb to work for a wise bulb. This way I can leave the switch on and control the bulb with the app or a rule, and still let the camera stay active all the time. I have seen several options but none are really a good option for a outdoor socket. Or you could make the socket adapter smart so you can control flood lights or a IR illuminator if needed. Just a idea…

You mean like this?

Nyce Power LampCharger Light Bulb Socket Adapter, Light Socket USB Charging Station, USB Charger Ports, Tablet and Phone Charger Adapter | 60W Max (Lamp Charger with 2 USB Ports)


Small enough in diameter to fit inside a light fixture. Available adapters are too big in diameter.

There are various form factors and sizes available. You need to do a modicum of research to find one. Your options open up even more if you don’t mind losing the bulb.

I don’t want to lose the bulb, and those I found increase the diameter such that the unit will not fit in the enclosure, which is why the suggestion was made.

This got me thinking so I just made this a minute ago… 5v / 1A output, wired into CFL base. Will need to be hot glued and/or epoxy filled and plasti-dipped to be more weather resistant, but it is a quick & dirty proof of concept.

doesnt allow for a bulb but it is compact…

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I’d really like to see an adapter for a light bulb instead of a bulb on its own. I think it would be helpful in different lighting situations.

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You attach it to your lamp or what’s needed so you can control a standard bulb. This would be great in addition to plugs and bulbs Wyze currently offers.

Anyone interested in a light bulb base power supply for a mounting option? With the new V3, it would make outdoor mounting much much easier. A power supply that screws in a standard light base and your camera mounts with a screw or magnet like normal. This would be great for tjose dual security light fixtures. If you are concerned about losing one of your light bulbs, they do have a splitter that allows 2 low consumption lights in one socket. Putting a camera where there has always been a fixture, makes the camera more hidden! Look at the outside of your home and yhink about all the new places you could put a camera without having to worry about where your power comes from!

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Not quite what your looking for but good option to replace floodlight.