Light Bulbs not turning on using Alexa since update

JuanT, this still isn’t working for everybody. I too have tried re-installing, disabling, re-enabling skills, connections, etc.

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Thank you CyberGoon!

I bought two new bulbs and didn’t update the firmware and still couldn’t get the last two rouge lamps to work.

I’ll try your method tonight :crossed_fingers:t3:

Thank you CyberGoon! I can confirm this also worked for my two rouge bulbs with one specific detail.

At first the bulbs were seen but still didn’t function. They were paired in a group (Bedroom) in the Wyze app, but once I deleted the group in the Wyze app and had them listed individually, Alexa could control them again.

Wahoo! :slight_smile:

Same here

My lights have started working fully again after this last update a couple days ago. Thanks wyze but we’d have appreciate some sort of response letting us know it was a known issue and will be fixed.

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Any chance the latest firmware wiped-out the ability for Wyze Groups to be rererenced from within Alexa? I see all my devices, but I can no longer control via voice commands and Groups.

Can’t help ya there I only just last week. Learned wyze has groups haha so all my groups are in Alexa and are working.