Light Animations (e.g. fade opacity 100%-80% over 10sec, for relaxing candle-like effect)

There is an app for Hue bulbs called Ambee ‎AMBEE Light Animations on the App Store that allows “light animations”.

These result in beautiful, immersive, glowing environments.

Examples uses:

  • Relaxing fireplace-like environment, where lights subtly fade, flicker, and smoothly transition between warm colors.
  • Holiday windows displays, where lights cycle through themed colors.
    • like christmas string lights
    • Porch lights subtly flicker orange for Halloween trick-or-treaters

Example inputs:

  • transition between colors (either instantly, or smoothly over time)
  • animate opacity values over time (in a loop)
    • 100%-80% over 1sec => candle “flickering”
    • 100%-80% over 10sec => smooth fireplace-like glow


  • Enabled/disable or schedule animations via voice integrations.

PLEASE add a “fire” mode(s) where the bulb flickers through different warm hues to simulate a flame.

Mod Note: Due to hardware limitations, this feature request may not be possible. However, this could be implemented in another bulb version.

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cool idea!

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Ability to create scenes that fade between colors automatically.

I would love to have the ability to create a scene of multiple colors, then have the bulb or bulb group cycle between them constantly. My use case would be for holiday lighting. I have a handful of color bulbs setup outdoors. Ideally, I would pick colors like red, green, blue, yellow, orange and the bulb group would pleasantly fade from one to the other every few seconds.


I would love to have the ability to slowly fade from one color to the next as an alternative to instantly triggering changes, i.e. transition times. One use would be using scenes that involve fade-outs/fade-ins or gradual color changing.

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Even Wiz bulbs have animations/effects for their bulbs.
Also please vote here. The more votes for both, the more chance of it happening?


Allow users to choose different lighting effects (ex. Galaxy, Ocean, Fireworks, candlelight,etc) in the app for Color bulbs and light strips. See attached that is offered by Ilumi app for their Ilumi bulb. Lots of cool lighting effects offered.

Yes it is disappointing that Wyze color bulbs do not support this. I am thinking of returning my products.

Wyze Color Bulbs - dynamic patterns/loops

Hi Wyze,

Love your products.

I have a few Wiz bulbs that allow for dynamic ally looped color schemes to be selected over a span of time. This might include a bulb shifting between deep blues and greens, or even cycling through the entire color spectrum and over and over…

It’s a really neat feature, and as Wyze bulbs are the TOP of the heap today, it would make sense to add these features—and maybe even allow us to program them ourselves!

Thank you so much!