Let There Be Light.... (Wyze Bulb)

Hi All,

Hope you have all completed your Wyze Sense setup by now (it’s been a while). If you have suggestions or feedback, you may share it in this forum channel.

On a separate note, I’m curious to know who among you are also interested in having Early Access to Wyze Bulb. If you are interested, how many Wyze Bulbs do you need?

It’s coming so make sure you come back for more updates :slight_smile:

  • 1
  • 2-3
  • 4-5
  • 6-8
  • 8+
  • Maybe later, not Early Access
  • Not Interested

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From what I’ve seen Wyze Bulb is exactly what I need (smart control, dimmable) with the added bonus of color temperature adjustment. Assuming the price is in line with other Wyze products I plan to replace all my primary fixtures with Wyze Bulbs.

Count me in if you need early access testers.


I’d be more than happy to help as a tester as well. I’ve been waiting a long time to get smart bulbs. Specifically for wyze bulbs!


I also love the addition of the color temp control. Can’t wait to have some in my hands.


I can’t wait to get my hands on these - Count me in!!!


I am sure Wyze just isn’t ready to release a price on the Wyze Bulb, but that, obviously, has a large impact on my answer to this question. For now, my answer is based on the assumption that price will be similar to other Wyze products and very, very cost efficient compared to competitors out on the market right now. I am very excited to watch you guys grow and take over the smart home market! Also, count me in as a tester, if needed!

@WyzeMark I would be pleased to be a tester for the smart bulbs, but especially interested in testing the smart plugs/smart switches when they are developed.

Edit: Would these bulbs be dimmable?

I think 6 bulbs would be ideal to test 1-2 rooms, with two “zones.” This would let me test synchronization issues in one zone, and also between two rooms how things are working. One room testing would still get a lot of value, that’d be 2-4 bulbs.

I very much look forward to the great (and surprisingly inexpensive) incoming Wyze bulbs.
Love my Wyze Sense. Count me in!


I’d be willing to “test” 2 bulbs on my aging iPhone 5C. Although my wife calls me a WYZE crackin’ addict, so we better keep it on the down-low.


Be happy to test … Interested in how they compare to my other home automation products.

I have always wanted a smart, affordable, long lasting, dimmable light bulb! Soon that wish will come true and they will even come from my favorite brand!! I can’t wait to test out new WYZE Bulbs and give feedback. WYZE you are the best brand ever!

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I currently have a variety of smart bulbs and switches from Lifx, Wemo, Kasa, Smart Life, etc. I’d be happy to test and add Wyze to my list. I would hope they are Alexa compatible though.


This is perfect. If I can replace all 15 of my hue bulbs with Wyze, I would be set!

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I started with Smart bulbs and then converted to smart switches which made more sense for multiple bulbs on one switch. If these wyze bulbs are in line with our product prices, I will definitely take a few


I’d like to have a light sensor so that it only on during night not daytime,
but this feature can be implemented via software

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I’d love to test wyze bulbs! I have some hue ones, and was going to buy more when. I found out you’re making them!

I need more light switches for my ceiling fans and kitchen/dining room.

I need dimmable LED lights but would control them mostly from a (smart) light switch since each fixture has 5 bulbs. No point in controlling 5 smart bulbs independently.

Please consider bulbs with candelabra base as well not just standard base.

was making plans to purchase 5 Lifex bulbs for a specific project. I would really enjoy the chance to test a new product from my favorite tech company!

Do you plan to have specific test plans to be executed? Let me know how I can assist!


The light bulbs Would be great. Now with the door contact I would be able to automate the lights, like front door open . Now turn on lights.