Let Person detect override other movements

I have the identical problem. A 20 sec time would likely solve the problem. Unclear why there not more votes on this issue.

I really don’t care if a shadow is moving on my front porch, but that sometimes triggers a 14-sec event recording that prevents another event being recorded (14 secs) with notification for the next few minutes. If a person comes into view during those few minutes no notification or event recording is made. The new people recognition software seems to be working well, so can that be set as a requirement for event recording and notification?

I know the Wyze folks are pretty smart and probably working on a solution for this, but just wanted to throw in my two cents. With person detection and continuous recording setup for this camera, it would be great if it has multiple detection levels. So a car pulls up the driveway triggering an event. Recording this could trigger a notification but so do the leaves that I can’t seem to get out of frame or blocked off properly. So set the notification up for person detection only and have it ignore a notification event for the car pulling up but trigger it when the person steps into the frame and begins moving.

It would be nice if the “people detect” worked with CMC. I live in a busy street.

Makes a big difference in the same scenario

Car pulls up in front of house, sets off CMC. The drives away. (I don’t need to be alerted for this)


Car pulls up in front of house, 12 seconds later person gets out and walks up to my door, without CMC, I would get video of the car then the camera would “cool off” so no video of the person.

WITH CMC I would get one long recording but would have to get notifications for ALL movement notices which could be too many.

Perhaps a 3rd alternative can you separate the motion detection from the person Detection feature so they can operate independently?

And then have the ability to adjust sensitivity of the motion detection and person Detection independently?

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I have the same issue of motion being detected, the camera ‘cools off’, then not capturing the person motion shortly after (therefore no notification). I have noticed it under 2 scenarios:

  1. Car pulls into driveway triggering motion, but does not detect person after the 12 seconds
  2. Sensor light triggers motion but does not capture person after the 12 seconds.
    I would be great to have an option to capture motion with person only. Or no cool off for motion with person.

I agree. I’d prefer to have the option to prioritize person over movement. My only concern, and I posted this elsewhere, the person detection is not all that good currently on Cam Plus, and I am not getting videos tagged including a person that clearly have unobstructed people in them, so that really needs to be improved on prior to having this setting.