Let Person detect override other movements

When someone drives up and triggers recording and it takes more than 12 seconds for them to get out of the car I cannot see the person in the clip. I would have to go to the storage and watch the video to see who got out of the car.

If the camera can prioritize, if a person gets out of the car in like 20 seconds, the app should alert me of the person detect even though the car triggered alert already.

Wyze is currently looking into a few other options with the AI. with the AI being done with edge computing on the camera there are more options then if it was just in the cloud. they are currently looking into having the AI work on the Wyze Sense kit, so motion detectors, and it has been brought up that it would be nice if it would just scan whats being recorded to the SD card. both are entirely possible with the AI algorithm working ON THE CAM, but its not for sure going to happen, and there is no timeline to when it even might happen. if the second one were implemented, that would solve your issue.

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I noticed today that when I got home and walked clearly in front of my camera, it didn’t pick up my movement. In reading other posts, it is because a car drove past my house a minute before, setting off the motion detection, which started the 5 minute rule before the next alert.

It would be nice, if the Person Detection would reset that 5 minute rule to insure the Person is alerted.

Also, I have trees in the area of the cameras that cause a lot of motion detection, and if it isn’t the trees themselves, their shadows pick up the motion. If I were to mute out the trees and the shadows, there would be no area being detected. A great use of AI would be be Tree and Shadow detection, to prevent those alerts in the first place.

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As an extension every movement triggers motion and causes me to miss people during cool down period. Which is one of the main things I want to capture.

hello, currently there are only two options in the event recording setting. Motion and sound. However I wish there would be an option for person. So whenever a person is detected that would trigger to record an event. I know the person detection service is available and I have enabled it. But that will only record and notify if I enable motion event recording which ends up courting everything that moves anyways. If your camera is facing a road it’s going to capture all the cars and with the 5-minute cool down after a detection you might miss a person, which has happened in my case. Just a suggestion it would be really nice to have. Thank you.

I agree with this. Got the Wyze cam v2 for my father who sometimes have visitors at weird times at night and like to be notified when somebody approaches. But unfortunately many times the person’s car sets off the motion trigger (and 12s recording), and by the time they’re out of the car the 5min cool-off period has set in and no notification is sent.

Typically when they leave again then the person sets off the motion triggering, the 12s recording starts and the person is correctly tagged (and notifications sent etc.).

Would it overload the CPU of the camera to do for example a frame-every-second analysis and then only trigger recording if a person is in that frame? And then have the same cool-down periods etc. afterwards?

Or a “possibly a person” and less strenuous algorithm analyse first and then if it thinks a person is there, then go into a more accurate mode?

Just some thoughts.

Please add this function:
Ability to save only events that include a person