Lens plastic removal

I’m attempting to remove the plastic from the Cam Pan camera lense but as I pull it away, it appears to also be pulling a black grommet (O-ring) with it. Is that supposed to happen? It appears rather difficult to pull the plastic off too…
Insights would be appreciated.

May I ask why are you removing the front cover on the lens ?

Not the cover of the lense, just the little piece of plastic that’s on the lense when it’s shipped. It has a tiny pull tab on it.
The very first thing this guy says to do:


Thanks for the email.

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Pic attached:

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Okay …
Try another spot that grommet should not come off !
I’d use a piece of sticky tape and careful place it over the plastic and slowly try to pull them off together.

If not, I’d ask Wyze for a replacement cam …

I’m having this exact same problem… i think im gonna find my exactoknife and just cut around…

Its like the glue is too adhesive on the plastic film to the rubber.

Hair dryer. 23 seconds. Pull gently.

Wyze is sending me a new one. Said it’s just supposed to be attached by static.
Called the number, emailed some pics and was done in 20 minutes. :slight_smile:

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Update: I have the replacement Cam Pan and also the exact same issue again…so not impressed.
No, these are not held on by static!

What kind of climate are you in? Leave it in a hot garage or something for a while? I wonder if at some point the camera or package was exposed to some heat or climate difference causing the adhesion. Thanks for the update!

I combined two suggestions and mine finally came off. Hair dryer for 20 seconds and used my pocket knife to gently get under the plastic on the oposite side of the pull tab. Presto


Same issue here. I took a razor / utility knife blade and gently pried the plastic up from the O ring. Once I got the balm rolling it came off in a snap. The adhesive used bonded with the O ring a little bit aggressive it seems.

Same issue here. I was on hold for 34 mins with Wyze, and they did not offer to send out a replacement. They just told me to return the camera. :rofl:

Hairdryer work for me but it took 3 or 4 tries until the plastic finally came off