LaunchAmerica Wyze Band Theme Now Available! 5/30/20

Hi, Early Access backers!

We have a successful SpaceX launch! To commemorate the occasion, we’ve added the LaunchAmerica theme for Wyze Band clock faces. They’re now available in the Wyze app and we hope you enjoy them! :grin:


Wow! These look super cool!!


American astronauts on American rockets on American soil!

Here’s to The Moon and Mars and beyond!


I see the LauchAmerica faces and Themes but when I touch one, my Android screen reverts to the Select Device screen. I have rebooted the watch and uninstalled and redownloaded and installed the App. Is here another update coming?

Absolutely love the Launch America themes for the band! Really great idea, now work on the ordering and shipping boondoggle.

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I loved seeing these yesterday. The helmet will be my background for a while I’m sure. Definitely like little surprised like this. Keep up the great work team!


Sorry to hear about the theme trouble, @yarbennett! Were you able to resolve that after you posted?

@jmprice1234, we’re making progress on the ordering and shipping issues and it’s much better! Now I just have to get unburied in here. :sweat_smile:

Hi Gwendolyn,

No, it still will not take the new faces. To reiterate, when I touch one of the new LaunchAmerica faces or colors, the app goes back to the choose device screen and nothing changes. There is no problem making a change to one of the old faces or colors, just the new ones.

A reminder… I have rebooted the watch, and my Samsung Galaxy 8 as well as uninstalling and reinstalling the Wyze app.

Thanks for reaching out,


Thank you for the details! Could you please confirm your app and Wyze Band firmware versions? If there are updates available, please install them to see if that helps. If that doesn’t fix this, please let me know!

Hi Gwendolyn,

I updated the firmware to version

Updated the App to version 2.11.37.

I rebooted both the phone and the band.

. When trying to select one of the new faces or colors, the app still goes back to the select device screen bypassing the screen with “Save” on it. So nothing has changed.

Another problem which could be related is in the Wyze Cam Pan section of the software. I select “Events” and watch it. Afterward when I touch the downward pointing arrow (where the left pointing arrow used to be – in the upper left) the app goes back to the choose device screen bypassing the list of events screen.

My phone is a Samsung Galaxy 8.



I apologize for my delay! Is this still happening? If so, could you please send in a log and give me the log number?

Hi Gwendolyn,

Yes it is still happening. The ticket number is 20767. This is not a huge issue with me. It’s just a little bug I thought should be reported. If it takes a lot to fix and I’m the only one reporting a problem, I’d say don’t bother. Maybe it will be fixed with the next firmware upgrade. That said, I’d don’t mind troubleshooting if that’s what you want to do.



Thank you very much! I appreciate your patience and assistance. I’ll get this over to the team. :slight_smile:

Thank you! Is there someone I can ask about a problem I’m having with my Wyze Pan?


My pleasure! For your Wyze Cam Pan, I’d recommend contacting customer support.

Wyze Customer Support

Thanks. Will do.


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You’re welcome! Have a great weekend.