Last Wyze App Update Issue

Sounds like you are happy with your setup. I know I am as well. That’s always a good thing. :slightly_smiling_face:

I am looking at the screen capture you posted in your first post.

there is a 4G signal, then there is triangle asignal strength usually for phone but no wifi signal bar usually in fan shape.

is the triangke bars your wifi?

No the triangle bars is the 4G signal. On my cell phone, I turned off the wi-fi when I don’t need to use it. Previously I’m able to view live video stream and able to view camera settings without turn on wi-fi on my cell phone (of course I turn on wi-fi on cell phone for initial configuration settings when I first got it) . But now for troubleshooting purposes I turn on my phone’s wi-fi to see if it helps, but it doesn’t.

For clarification, my home internet wi-fi is always on.

I fixed the issue. After I uninstalled the app, I turned off my phone, boot up in recovery mode and wiped the partition cache, reboot the phone, then re-install the app and it works again. I now can able to view live stream and go into my phone configurations settings (phone’s wi-fi off). I think you only need to turn on your phone wi-fi for the initial setting of a new cam.

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I wonder what exactly was in the partition cache that caused your issue? Maybe a setting of some sort? I am not familiar enough with the Android app to say. But good news on resolving your issue!!!

Not sure the fix is from clearing the partition cache or from uninstall/reinstall the app or may be both. :slight_smile:

Gotcha! Either way glad it worked!

I’m with @myswtest on this. I’ve worked in IT for well over a decade, much of it spent in corporate environments, some highly regulated, and I have a background in network and systems infrastructure (MCITP, A+, Network+, etc. I’m no stranger to troubleshooting network connectivity issues. We bought a house that had pbx punchdowns that ironically, I know how to wire too)

I’ve got my network configured with vlans for security. It keeps all IoT devices in their own segment, plus it’s way easier to manage. I’ve got my teenagers on a separate one as well because with previous employers (including government defense contractors) I’ve had to ensure that my network was secure and stable in order to even think about working remotely as I was managing multiple remote servers/systems.

One camera is within 30 feet of the my core router and frequently drops out. I’ve got a wired extender on the far end of the house due to size, and I have a camera less than 10 feet from the extender dropping out on me. I’m running a Netgear r8000p, on a 1gb connection, extender is an EX7700, wired with riser cable I pulled and tested myself within the past few months.

I’m often finding myself having to restart the cameras due to connectivity problems.

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Let’s see I have 8 cameras and they range in distance from 6 foot to about 50 foot. Ones outside on the other side of studs and cinderblock. 3 are in other rooms with doors closed. And guess what, none drop out. But you know what i did that none of you mentioned? A wireless survey. In some cases that resulted in moving a camera 2 foot, in other cases 2 inches. But in any event no drop outs. Except for my 1000 dollar iPhone. For some reason it refused to connect to the WiFi in the spare room. Right next to a Wyze cam and an Amazon Echo that are connected just fine? Imagine that?

I’ve done wireless connectivity testing (including heat mapping - is really useful and free. Fyi, have a floor plan or sketch of your layout handy first) as well, along with signal testing and channel comparison rather than letting my router decide wifi channels.

One of the cameras I mentioned (the one within 10 feet of the wired extender) is 6 feet across a landing and in a housing on the exterior wall. The one near the core router is directly outside a window within view of it. I’ve had this happen when testing when literally in the same room as the router.

I’ve only got neighbors on 2 sides, one of which whose house is over 100 yards away, so no signal overlap concern on that front either. 100 acre stretch of conservation area directly across the street.

FWIW, @rbruceporter, please don’t assume that others may not have checked their environment thoroughly, because until you ask, you never know. It may very well be that there is some yet undiscovered quirk with the software.

I don’t assume anything. I have clearly said that no one mentioned a survey. And do be honest the tool you used is very old for software and pretty much a hobbiest package. The tools we use are from Fluke and can and do find localized issues that a heat mapper can’t. For instance the toolset found that the compressor from my upstairs neighbors 1970’s vintage refrigerator was generating interference smack in the middle of 2 commonly used channels in a 5 foot area of my condo.

I do appreciate that you have taken steps to do basic research. As such I am sure you realize that blanket statements such as “my super duper network is clean except for these devices so the are the issue” are frequently wrong. Sort of like saying county x has no hospital or doctors and 20 odd people died from some disease, while county y has a hospital and doctors and no one died therefor the problem and cause is obviously not having a hospital or doctors.

To be frank I am not the one making assumptions here. :slightly_smiling_face:. But I am happy to help!