Laser to zap bugs and webs


Bugs and spiderwebs on the camera are annoying, especially when the camera is in a difficult to reach location. Please install a small laser that can zap these.

On the v2s the small circle underneath the camera lens would make a great location, and provide a much more interesting answer for the common question of what that circle is for.

Also, don’t increase the price. What? It’s a wish list :slight_smile:


This request is probably not going to happen. Besides the inherent risks of a company selling inexpensive lasers robust enough to zap a bug or spiderweb, there would also be difficulty in fitting a small, robust laser into the camera without raising the price. That said, we’ll keep an eye out for opportunities just in case. :wink:

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Hmm,… ixnay on the aserlay. I get it. What about a team of of nanobots that consume foreign materials that get to close and convert it to energy to power a fully wireless camera :neutral_face:

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I have this issue as well on 3 of my cams, One of the cams requires me to retrieve the ladder from the garage :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:.

Maybe Wyze could incorporate some sorta “windshield-wiper-like-component” (on their future outdoor cam) that swipes over the device once a day #harktanksay

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My son (6 y.o.) asked me if the little hole had a laser for shooting bad guys. I was disappointed to tell him no, it wasn’t. :frowning:

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Maybe we could make a laser pointer someday? Uh… Sorry to your six year old. I’m disappointed now, too. :frowning: