Larger back button in app

I would love it if the back button (the < symbol in the upper left corner of the app) was larger and easier to reach. It would make it easier to switch from one camera to the next. Another suggestion would be to have a “next” button that would allow you to jump to the next camera if you are viewing several cameras sequentially. That would be easier than having to go “back” after selecting camera #1 in order to select camera #2, camera #3, etc.

In lieu of the “Next” button, why not implement side swipe? Does not cover portions of the image.

I also posted about a bigger “Back” button before. This is especially critical for iPads. It’s because Apple made the corners less sensitive to touch to avoid false touches. It seems people grasp the corners when holding iPads. That’s exactly where the back button is.

How do you do side swipe?