Landscape View On iPad/iPhones



We intend to do this later but haven’t started researching yet.

While we have a landscape orientation for viewing streams, the app itself is not optimized for landscape view. This causes difficulty for people with disabilities and for some other use cases. Right now, we’re not optimized per iOS standards.



Landscape mode for iPad users ... ever?
[Beta] iOS and Android beta app V2.0.14 released

I assume this optimization would occur on the Android OS also?


We try to standardize as much as possible. I believe that we intend to have that for both later. :slight_smile:


Regarding “other use cases”… many folks with tablets tend to put them in a stand in landscape orientation and utilize them while in the stand. For iPad, it is often the case that switching to portrait means removing the tablet from the stand and also having to remove the power cable. This, IMO, is a much more frequent use case than disability/accessibility.

Further, Apple’s developer guidelines state:

If possible, support both portrait and landscapeorientations. People prefer to use apps in different orientations, so it’s best when you can fulfill that expectation.*



Hate to bring this up again, but … due to a physical disability, it’s exceedingly difficult for me to pivot my iPad 90° every single time I launch the app (iOS). I’m guessing that other iPad owners who use the app can relate. I’d sincerely appreciate an official reply from someone at Wyze (even if the answer is “no, never!”) as to whether there will ever be support, throughout the app, for landscape mode on an iPad. It was surprising, actually, that it wasn’t already there out of the gate. Of the dozens of apps I have installed, I think it’s the ONLY one that doesn’t support both portrait and landscape. As an example of how important this is to people … when the SiriusXM app was updated earlier this year and landscape mode mysteriously disappeared, there was, rightfully, outrage in the SiriusXM community (and App Store ratings) … their developers restored landscape mode in a subsequent update. Note that other than the landscape issue, I absolutely love the Wyze app and the 9 cameras I’ve purchased. Thanks.


I would like to see that as well. Very annoying that you need to rotate your iPad or iPhone when switching between cams.

Please add this functionality.


Thank you,


I agree with this 100%! I was so surprised to see that app rotation was NOT available! It seems like many people would use their iPad as their primary way to view video feeds. I just installed my cams last week and came here to question about landscape mode in the app. Please add this as soon as possible! Thank you!


Well, at least it’s nice to know there are others who share my opinion. Would still appreciate a word or two from Wyze on this issue.


Please add landscape mode to the iPad. And split view. And picture in picture support. It’s past time.

Apple sold more iPads in the last year than the entire notebook lineup of all of the biggest notebook vendors.

Apple sells the keyboard which is how LOTS of people use their iPads. Look at and behold how many times Apple shows the iPad being used in landscape mode.

It’s time. Full iPad support on Wyzecam.


I’d love picture in picture support along with a proper iPad optimized app. The iPad would allow for viewing of multiple stream at once with room to spare.

Also, a side note but in the current v2 beta app the landscape video streaming is stretched and not the correct aspect ratio.


Thanks for pointing this out. We need to revisit this for our next planning as the scope is bigger than what our resources can support. For example, the layout of almost every page needs to be redesigned and this will take significant time. We also need to be make sure screen rotation works on each page.


Thanks for the reply @WyzeMark … I appreciate it. Yeah, landscape mode throughout the app would greatly help iPad owners (esp. me), but having been a programmer for >30 years, I DO understand your issue re: resources. :wink: Having said that, I assume we shouldn’t expect Picture-in-Picture support in the near future either, although PiP on an iPad (with Live stream playing in the small window) would be simply awesome. Thanks again.