Landscape view on IOS



I would love to have a landscape view on IOS it would make viewing cameras a lot easier and more practicle.


There is a landscape view.?.?.?


I’d really, really like to see this too. I’ve forwarded it on to the keeper of the feature request list.


Not to confuse anyone the view I want is the app main page showing the cameras installed. Then when you click on the camera it will open in landscape view without turning the iPad or iPhone.


I understood that. It needs to support landscape for all functions as per Apple’s development guidelines. Ideally, there would be 6 or 8 thumbnails on a screen in the Devices view to reduce scrolling necessary.


With the landscape view I would like to see the live view on the main page in the small thumnails if I want then if I tap again it opens up larger.


Me too! PLEASE! I use my iPad in portrait mode only when forced to do so by a badly designed app. To be fair, Dropcam has the same issue but since google acquired them, they’re deaf to the pleas of their customers.