Landscape View For Tablets

The latest on this is that it’s something that we’re intending to do and we’re working on an app redesign. Last I heard, it will be included in that redesign but I don’t know the timeline for that.


Thank you for listening. I know disabled people such as myself will greatly benefit. Wyze truly cares about their customers. It’s very nice to see. God Bless.


We hear you and we appreciate you taking the time to talk to us about this. :slight_smile:

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Can we please get a true iPad version of the Wyze app? The current universal version not supporting landscape (for all actions and pages - is just awful. Make a true iPad app … Please. Be hoping for a beta soon that supports this.

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Why is it an “iPad” thing?

I keep my Samsung TAB A in landscape most of the time.
To go back it reverts to portrait.

I said iPad cuz I didn’t know the problem existed on android tablets as I don’t own any. It should be a tablet fix then for landscape when working in the app. The iPad has same landscape view when viewing a group but only when viewing a group which makes zero logical sense. Should offer landscape in all screens.


It got moved into here as I did a bad search. So my bad all around.

Is my landscape view on my iPad air 3

like this because I only have two cameras?

Yes, it will show 4 at a time and is set up to show 4, the next would be upper right then lower right

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I hope they set it up to where it will show more than four at a time. With them launching out door cameras there are going to be many people with more than four cameras and they’re going to want to see them all at one time. I would suggest a minimum of eight. 16 would be nice. Then click on a particular cam to get full page view. That’s how my current system works and it’s great.

I have 11 now running and 3 more that I have not set up yet. I have not found a need for even having 4 and I am in no way saying people do not have a need for more. What I wonder is if the app/device could handle it well.

With outdoor cameras though if you have a lot of land like we do and neighbors cattle that get out a lot and you live on a long private lane you would want more than four cameras. I even have smart smoke/CO detectors because if our house got on fire where we live it would burn to the ground before anybody saw it. So this way I will get alerted and I can call the fire department and hopefully do the best we can to save the house

Oh I believe there are uses for more than 4 I was just saying I did not have any at this time. Also does not mean I don’t think they should do it. If it is possible I think they should, it is one of those things that will gelp the person who needs more than 4 more but will not have any effect on someone like me who does not need it. I just choose not to use it.

I’ve got two prime areas I surveil. One has 6 V2’s cameras, two of which are outside, the other has 7 V2’s, 3 of which are outside and a pan. The 4 cam view works OK on my 10 inch devices, I just swipe to get a different screen,
I’ve bought tiny cam pro and as of yet it does not give me a significant advantage.

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What I’ve been waiting for the most is landscape support throughout the entire app (menus, etc.), not just the streaming windows. In other words, true landscape mode.


It should be configurable how many cameras the user wanted to view on one page/screen. With users having different numbers of cameras, different devices and network hardware its obvious that the optimum number of cameras to display per page/screen will never be constant, a wise programmer should be able to think of that.


I think 8 is perfect. Even on my iPhone 8+ 8pics works ok to get the broad picture then tap the cam you want to actually see.

I use an app on my android tablets “Set Orientation” so everything I do is in landscaper. When I got an iPad I was disappointed to discover “There’s not an app for that.”

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Can we have the app to self orient itsef based on the orientation of the iphon/ipad - as not when we have the ipad wide to type with the keyboard the app still remains upright.

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Another thing I’d like to lump into this list is to choose cameras for particular screen combos.
For example, with two cameras side by side I’d like to be able see the views side by side so I could have more of a panorama. As it is now I have to put in a third cam to get 1 & 2 side by side.