Landscape View For Tablets

I think the only option is to switch to Ring. Landscape support works great on Ring and it will be on the same ecosystem as my doorbell. I’m only 3 Wyze cams invested. Just sounds like Landscape is low priority and I use my iPad Pro too much to wait another 4 years for this basic functionality to finally be added.


Never in my life I’ve seen security camera/CCTV capture a video in portrait orientation, so I think it is practical and Wyze enough to design the user interface of such system in landscape mode so you don’t have to flip your device in portrait mode for navigating the menus then flip in landscape mode for reviewing the videos. This should have been a priority since day one.


Working with my Apple Watch at all would be nice

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Actually the Wyze doorbells do portrait mode capture

And there you have it. The 4+ wait for app-wide Landscape support for tablets continues. I received an email from Wyze this morning announcing that they’ve now reached 1,000,000 Cam Plus users. You’d think that with this amount of revenue coming in, from subscriptions alone, that they could give this omission some sort of priority, hire staff and get it done. Beyond ridiculous at this point tbh.


Using Onn Android 11 tablet. My single camera view has always gone to landscape viewing one camera at a time. I have 6 cameras and group them. When viewing the group i can only see them stacked in a horizontal column of video on it’s side. I have a keyboard so propping the tablet on it’s side produces the desired 4 camera view with the incorrect orientation. Distractions such as an undesirable view are not acceptable with home security. The world of products have gone in the crapper for failing to get the little things right.

Listen up WYZE! Not so WIZE to drop the ball on the one foot line. For years I had a single camera and advised almost everyone I know about your Outdoor and Pan cams. I’m my little universe’s security cam guy due to need to keep eye on my Beagle pack. They’er a bunch of digging and climbing hounds. Monitoring was not the same on a high end android tablet. I missed a couple escapes. All was fine. Just shocked to get home and they’re in the woods. Disapointed to have to hit up wallyworld for an expensive system for monitoring. The Wyze cams still recording. Just doesn’t work for real need monitoring when it would be the best thing ever.

Fwiw … what’s been asked for on the Wishlist is Landscape support for tablets throughout the app, including home screen upon initial launch. The issue isn’t with displaying Live or Event video in Landscape, which does work.

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Me too.

Imagine your doorbell on the left and 2-3 cam streams on the right stacked on top of each other all in landscape (the app plus the cams on the right 2/3 of the screen. The doorbell would be in portrait along the left side) wouldn’t that be bliss?

As mentioned above I installed a much more expensive system for live monitoring. It’s a wired system and does not pan which means 8 cameras to cover the same area as 2 panning cams.

Just before this post I opened the Wyze app and started to try some things. Found a temp solutions.

Turned tablet auto rotate off then went to group view.
Rotated table onto side
Swipe down to access the display option to turn on auto rotate. Apparently confuses the orientation app
While desired display showing sideways I turned the auto rotate back off then set table back on keyboard.
It holds the desired orientation in group view as long as you don’t click on a camera to open single cam view. You have to redo the process then.
Worked most of the day except a couple stopped working exceptions. Restart app and redo desired orientation.

How’s that Research going?


Perhaps we could get a monthly update?..

I’d be happy with an update of: “No progress this month” even… at least I’d know that someone from Wyze at least gave it a fleeting thought that month.

As far as I can tell, this Wishlist item is getting zero time and effort spent on it.



Considering how long it’s been since it was first suggested as an improvement to the Wyze experience it should be obvious that they don’t want to do it I mean hell, people of offered to do it for them free of charge.

If it is someone else’s fault, tell us who so we can put pressure on them


Now that I’m paying monthly, can I please get LANDSCAPE mode in the app?

I think we’ve been waiting patiently (some maybe not so patiently) for landscape mode. Now that we are paying for the service, I think it’s time to actually add landscape support. When we watch TV, we don’t watch it in portrait mode, I think the same holds true for many WYZE users when navigating through the WYZE app. It’s not about just seeing the video in landscape. It’s being able to search through the event history, it’s being able to manage the devices, it’s being able to switch between camera groups to view video. Please, it’s time for landscape mode. We’re paying you monthly now, please make us feel like it’s worth it!

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As soon as I realized how long this basic feature has been requested, I ordered a Ring cam. No way I’ll invest more money into Wyze cams and I’m not going to wait any longer for something that is clearly not a priority.

I have a personal rule with my iPad Pro. If the app has no landscape support, it gets 1 star review and immediate uninstall.


No more Wyze gear for me either. Sick and tired of waiting for landscape mode on my iPad. Switched to Ring cameras and monitoring. Software works great.


I do look at this thread every time someone posts in it.

While unfortunately there has been ‘no progress this month’ I can say there was a solution we were looking into but found it would not work properly.


So Wyze knows about this request and is actively working on it ?

Wyze does know about it and are actively researching it, there is a good chance it will have to wait until the app rewrite happens.


Ha! If I had a camera for every time I’ve heard that over the last three years there would be no place I couldn’t see. Wyze used to tell us that themselves a couple years ago.

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Jason actually works for Wyze now too. :wink:


I’d like to be able to rotate my devices & have the Wyze app rotate as well. Sometimes I need to charge my ipad upside down. All other apps rotate properly as I rotate my device, However Wyze is the only app that insists on staying upright in portrait position. Makes no sense that it doesn’t rotate! I have to view my cameras upside down :upside_down_face:

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