Landscape View For Tablets

So this landscape mode for tablets is really a must-have… got a 12” iPad Pro with a Brydge keyboard, and it is ridiculous to have to tilt and rotate to switch modes.

Upon entering the multiple camera views, it should automatically display a quad-type camera view, etc.

It just seems so basic. Granted, perhaps the logical answer lies buried in this thread — I admit to not having read it in entirety — but still… the need is real!



Also, while I’m at it, I might add that I find it a bit sloppy that when from switching from the cam overview (which is displaying live images) to a single cam, an old outdated image is used as the backdrop while the camera connects.


Feel free to inquire for further clarification if required,

I’m trying to sell my bosses on these cameras for our 43 locations nationwide, but almost our entire workforce uses iPads in landscape mode so lacking this feature is a deal breaker. The minute this feature gets implemented I’ll be buying 5-6 cameras per location. That’s possibly 258 cameras you could sell (or not sell) because of one feature that’s lagging behind the norm for every other app out there. These cameras are so good, they just haven’t been around as long as others so they aren’t on par feature-wise. I know it’ll come in time, but this seems like a very basic feature that should have been roadmapped from day one. I’ve done some app development, and I know it’s not a small ask, but it really is a huge gap in your feature set.

Please make this happen, ASAP! I cannot justify buying these cameras until this feature is implemented.


Landscape orientation support on iPads and other tablets, PLEASE!


I’m using Ultimate Rotation Control by FaMe IT on playstore it works great on my fire hdx 8.9 with android

I’m also chiming in for my support for landscape view for iPads and tablets. On an iPad Pro which is my primary machine as well as at each of my restaurants for managers it’s really a drag not having this…feature? I guess implemented. I hesitate to call it a feature when it’s at this point becoming a must.

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Not sure why this hasn’t been implemented. I have a tablet in landscape mode on the side of my fridge to show weather, access smart home devices ect.

I have to use an app that FORCES all apps into landscape mode strictly because of the Wyze app.
It works. I believe it just makes the app THINK its in portrait mode.
(I have to use an old version of the app because the tablet is an old Galaxy Tab 4 and it doesn’t support any newer versions of the Wyze app)

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Could you tell us what the app is?
I’m running an Amazon Fire 10 and it always come up in portrait when I would prefer it in landscape because I like to set it around where I can watch it.

I can do it with swipes down and locking it but I’m looking for other ways,

I’m using Ultimate Rotation Control by FaMe IT on playstore it works great on my fire hdx 8.9 with android

Please make a better iPad experience. I’d like to be able to use your app seamlessly in landscape mode on the iPad. The app wants to be used in portrait mode. Many of us use our iPads, almost exclusively, in landscape to take advantage of the wide keyboard. It’s inconvenient being forced to switch orientation between tasks.


Welcome to the club …

“This causes difficulty for people with disabilities and for some other use cases”

This is what rotate lock is for, If they are having issues in Landscape mode, they are having issues with an iPad unrelated to Wyze. I find it more and more difficult to keep recommending these cameras with this issue going on so long. Right now, yet again, I have been logged out of the app and need to rotate it to portrait with the keyboard attached and try to re authenticate ( getting old).

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We’re sorry. How often are you being logged out of the app? Thank you for your feedback, knects.

Thanks for responding, Frankly since I use the iPad in Landscape, I do not use the Wyze app much < once a week. I would say almost always it asks me to re authenticate.

Ah… Then that is expected because your token is needing refreshed. I’ll chat with the team about landscape view for you.


Need to revise Ipad app so it is in landscape when ipad is in landscape.


Wyze doesn’t appear willing to do this. The issue has been raised on numerous occasions. Of the 80+ apps installed on my iPad, only 2 don’t have true landscape mode support … and the Wyze app is one of them.

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I just got the news! We are planning to do this for an upcoming build. We’re figuring out which sprint is the best option for this one so I can’t promise the ETA but it’s officially being researched. :slight_smile:


Great news! Will make using the app MUCH easier to use for me. Thanks for the update. :wink:


You’re welcome! Sorry about the delays on this. We look forward to getting landscape mode into the app for you! :smiley: